Female Character Concept Art: How to Create a Great Female Character

Creating strong female character concept art can be an exciting undertaking that can lead to beautiful characters with their own personalities. However, if you have no clue where to start with this art form, the idea of creating a character may seem too complicated of an endeavor. Yet, it doesn't have to be.

If you want to create stunning, unique female characters, don't waste your time trying to draw and paint everything from scratch. Instead, check out the tips below and learn how you can create gorgeous works of art quickly and efficiently.

How to Make a Great Female Character

Strong female characters come in all sizes and shapes. As a creator, your job is to design an image that demonstrates this strength and ensures your audience understands the type of character you have created. That is why If you are looking to cultivate a dimensional profile that makes your female character believable, you need to consider including the following characteristics:

  • Give her multiple strengths: You need to remember that physical strength is not everything. Creating a hulking adversary can look great, but so can creating a character that demonstrates confidence, mental fortitude, and wit.
  • Focus on female body proportions: One of the main differences between a male and female body is the waist area. Females tend to have wider hips, which ultimately makes the waist look thinner, while males have broader shoulders and chests and smaller hips so that the waist is not that noticeable. As a result, when creating your female character, make sure you highlight the waist.
  • Watch out for the facial features: Quite often, when creating some forms of concept art, facial features can be simplified, and differences between males and females can blur. That is why it is essential to exaggerate feminine features. For instance, try creating a smaller nose, eyebrows that are high and thin, bigger lips, an oval face, and a slender neck.
  • Include ethnic differences: If you are trying to create a "beautiful character," there is no one-size-fits-all model. There are many types of beauty, and creating female characters that represent different ethnicities and traits can help you produce just the image you are looking for. 
  • Incorporate aging: Do not be afraid to show female characters of different ages. Typically, the femininity of a female character is often achieved by using youthful features such as huge eyes. However, this does have to mean that all your characters have to be the same age. You can create even minor age differences amongst your characters by adjusting the distance between the eyes and the chin, making the eyes more petite, and adding a few wrinkles.
  • Know the whole story: The ultimate goal of your female character concept art will depend on their role in the story. That is why you need to understand more than just the plot. You need to know what they are going through as their journey unfolds. These details can help you figure out not only the look and the attitude that you want them to convey. But ultimately, how the audience will connect with them.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Creating a female character is only half the battle. Bringing her to life can be another challenge in itself. Fortunately, when you use CorelDRAW, you can create captivating characters with ease and turn your creations into eye-catching graphics with more creative control than you ever thought possible. Best of all, you do not have to be pro with design software. Our programs are easy to learn and master, which can help you create and enhance your female character concept art in minutes.

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