Male Character Concept Art: How to Create a Great Male Character

The primary responsibility for a concept artist working in animation is to conceptualize, design, and bring about environments and characters that are believable.

Concept art is the first phase of visual development in the evolution from an idea to a finished product. For a male character, concept art authenticity comes from combining artistic skills and instincts with reference materials for the character's role in the story.

What is Concept Art?

Great male characters do not depend on them being safe or "outside the box" concepts. At the end of the day, it is based on how the character helped to tell the story more effectively. The following strategies outline essential points for creating compelling make characters:

Know the Male Anatomy

It is necessary to know every detail of the male human anatomy, from the deepest skeletal structure to the skin's surface. You can only begin the abstract of a body well when you know everything there is to know about the underlying structure and movement. This takes a lot of classes and practice in drawing figures. You must be able to draw the male figure from any position or pose. Only then can you begin stylizing the character.

Do Your Research

Before you start designing, learn as much as possible about the "real thing." There are many ways you can research, from online searches to getting out and having firsthand experiences. For example, if your male character is a ballplayer, watch recorded ball games or get tickets to see some live games. This will give you a sense of how a ballplayer moves, interacts with props, other players, and is influenced by the environment. Tack pictures to a vision board to help stay absorbed in the subject.

Understand the Story

Male character concept art depends on the role they play, whether large or small. It is more than merely knowing the plot – you must understand what motivates them. What is your character thinking about? From their perspective in the storyline, are they happy, sad, anxious, or blissful? What are they feeling, and what must happen for them to have their needs fulfilled? This information will tell you a lot about their attitude, and this is portrayed in how you make them look. It will ultimately help your audience relate to them.

Start Experimenting

This is the time to use your artistic intuition, let go and have some fun! Start sketching poses and expressions, as though in a brainstorming session. You are attempting to find attitudes that your male character might need to express in the storyline. Keep it simple, without ornamentation. Remember that many of your sketches may end up being discarded. Do not get too attached to anything. You will throw away more than you keep, and it is part of the process.

Inspiration for Male Character Concept Art

You never know when you will be struck by inspiration. It could happen when you are in front of your computer using your graphic design software or when you are out and about. Be open to things that catch your eye and for when the "light bulb" suddenly goes off. In concept art, great male character development is a process that, in the end, will delight the audience with a memorable experience.

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