Email Newsletters: Everything to Know About Email Newsletters

Email newsletters have long been considered a powerful tool in the arsenal of digital marketers to broaden the reach of their clients. Today, businesses and individuals can easily create high-quality marketing campaigns on their own using design platforms with premade email newsletter templates.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is an effective way of using an email to send news or updates to specific groups of people interested in a particular subject. A typical email newsletter would be from a business or organization to potential clients, customers, or attendees. It is often regularly scheduled and can be automatically sent based on the action of an individual, such as subscribing, previously purchasing a product, or requesting additional information.

How is an email newsletter different from an email?

The primary difference between a standard email and an email newsletter is a matter of design and functionality. Creating an email newsletter requires using software programs built with HTML. Users can design newsletters according to their specifications with software service platforms, separate from their regular email service provider.

The design and functionality options of email newsletter services range from predesigned graphic email newsletter templates to scheduled newsletter releases based on a user's actions. Websites and existing email services are also seamlessly linked within the newsletter design to direct any of the recipient's actions back to the creator of the newsletter for sales or conversion.

What is the purpose of an email newsletter?

Email newsletters are, first and foremost, a means of connecting with relevant groups of people, such as customers. Within a well-designed email newsletter, targeted information is presented to the recipient and followed by a call to action. An appropriate call to action is dependent on the intended objectives of the sender. It may be as simple as taking a survey or as involved as a product purchase.

Reasons for using email newsletters include:

  • Providing information on upcoming changes, product releases, sales, and events
  • Directing users to take action leading to a predetermined conversion
  • Maintaining contact, branding, and trust-building with existing customers and clients
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Targeted advertising to specific groups

Why do people subscribe to email newsletters?

It is always good practice to keep the subscriber's reasons for sharing their email address in mind when designing an email newsletter. The higher the perceived value of receiving the newsletter, the more likely the receiver will continue to subscribe, open, and respond to calls to action. Reasons for subscribing to an email newsletter include:

  • Seeking further subject information
  • Product or event updates
  • Sales notifications
  • Coupons
  • Entertainment or news
  • Industry updates

How to make an email newsletter

Making an email newsletter is now one of the most achievable tasks available for direct marketing. The following are the basic steps to creating a successful email newsletter.

  • Sign up for a software design service like CorelDRAW
  • Choose predesigned email newsletter templates
  • Personalize templates with unique content, images, and links for the intended audience
  • Determine the best time to send a newsletter based on time zones, business hours, date, or actions of a user

Conclusion: Are email newsletters effective?

With today's competition for attention online, traditional websites, blogs, social media, and ads can get lost in the noise. Email newsletters provide a direct and personal connection to targeted groups. More importantly, email newsletters provide an opportunity for reoccurring contact rather than relying on the prospective customer to see a social media post or randomly visit a website. One other distinct advantage is personal ownership of email contact lists. No matter how many followers you have on social media, someone else owns the site and can take it down at any time for real or perceived infractions of company policies. Even websites and blogs are vulnerable over time to losing ranking based on algorithm updates or an increase in competition.

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