Email Newsletter Design: The Ultimate Guide

Using new ways to get to clients and potential clients is an endless aim of businesses. Some ways are easy and can be distributed easily, as in the case of social media messages, while some methods like email newsletters can be dispatched directly to the targeted clients. Email newsletters are an excellent means of reaching out to clients since they provide a template to stretch the campaign.

However, most professionals receive a lot of emails, and unless your emails are crafted to catch the reader's attention and keep them reading, you can fail on this front. To help you craft the best email newsletter, we have compiled an ultimate guide on designing an email newsletter.

How to make a newsletter

Before you come up with a copy, make sure that you have a rough idea of what you want the newsletter to look like. This will give you a picture of the space you have to put in your content in the designed newsletter. Graphics are important in passing a message, and as such, you should create an email newsletter with the right graphic appearance.

When designing a template for your newsletter, you should think of using graphic design software to create an elegant and appealing template. CorelDRAW is one such software. It is a vector graphic editor that has excellent tools to facilitate designing custom newsletters for businesses or emails.

Using CorelDRAW is an easy process. Here are the steps to take in CorelDRAW to create an excellent email newsletter:

  • Select a template: When you are on the 'welcome screen,' choose 'new' from template, filter by type, then select 'newsletter.'
  • Working on the template: CorelDRAW has features that will enable you to easily change the color of the template. Opening the color style docker will lead you to the color harmony editor, and you can easily edit from this point.
  • Getting the designed template: You will have different options here. You can output as PDF and print for handing out, or you could use it as a soft copy to write an email.

Having in mind that graphics are an important part of crafting successful email newsletters, designing an appealing template is absolutely crucial. Here are some design tips for catching your reader's attention.

Create a distinctive header

Every email newsletter needs a header. Creating a newsletter that is distinctive to your company is crucial in designing a newsletter that will keep your audience instantly. Your newsletter should carry your company's logo and the colors of the company.

Making a letterhead is a simple process if you have CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW gives a platform where you can create a letterhead and save it for repeated use. Using CorelDRAW is easy, and you do not need a graphic designer or experience in graphic design to make a distinctive letterhead.

A good newsletter must have a color scheme. Too many colors in one newsletter eliminate the professional aspect of the email. You should use an appropriate color scheme that preserves the professional value of the email.

The best way to choose a good color scheme is to let your logo dictate the color scheme of your design. The logo colors should form the pallet on which you write. The color of the borders and other visual elements of the letter should be colored as the logo.

Use standard fonts

The main target when choosing a font for your newsletter should be legibility. Use standard fonts that are easy to read and clear and avoid using too many fonts on one template. Fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri improve the readability and general appeal of the email newsletter.

Wrapping up

Email newsletters are becoming popular and are indeed good means to reach out to new clients. However, only a well-crafted email serves its purpose. With CorelDRAW, you do not need a graphic designer or graphic design experience to make excellent letterheads. CorelDRAW makes designing email newsletters a DIY. Give it a try.

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