Modern Graphic Design: A Rundown of Today’s Arts

Modern graphic design consists of a variety of types of images that are created digitally, often for some type of promotional purpose. These products often contain a combination of text and other graphics that are chosen to align with modern trends. Many of these items can be created using CorelDRAW's vast graphics suite.

What constitutes modern graphic design?

Modern graphic design encompasses a wide variety of types of products and trends. Here are some of the most common creations that are considered modern graphic design!


Every organization's branding contains text or images, and most modern branding is a combination of both. From the colors and fonts that make up text of the sign on a business's building to its mascot or other images that are part of its logo, well-thought-out branding is best done by an experienced graphic designer. Each decision that is made when creating or updating a company's branding should be made to fit the style and tone of the company. For example, many modern businesses are considering or have recently updated their branding to include sleek fonts and neutral colors, rather than the fun and flashy styles that were more popular in past decades.


Packaging is about more than simply protecting a product while shipping and in the store. Modern packaging needs to be visually appealing to create the best possible impression of a company for customers, which often involves several elements of graphic design. Many types of packaging include a company's logo or other types of branding, as well as color schemes that fit the brand and the target audience of the product.

Although it is still acceptable to simply print the name of a product in simple text on a brown or white box, most types of products are now expected to be packaged in colorful, well-designed boxes or bags that appeal to customers. Getting these elements of graphic design right is particularly important for companies that sell products in stores, rather than solely online.


From concerts and festivals to garage sales and other fundraisers, getting the word out about upcoming events in your neighborhood often involves hanging posters in high-traffic areas. Getting people to actually notice your poster in the sea of others that surround it requires strong graphic design choices that make it stand out. Although there was a time when simply printing the name, date, and time of an event on a piece of paper was considered enough, most of the strongest modern posters consist of bold colors, large text, and images that grab people's attention on large and glossy sheets of paper.


Similarly, today's billboards need to consist of immaculate graphic design in order to achieve the maximum impact. Most drivers will only see billboards along the highway for a couple of seconds, and billboards in major cities are too numerous to stand out as much as they once did. For this reason, designs with as few words as possible and minimal, carefully-chosen graphics tend to be the easiest to take in in a limited amount of time.

Other publications

Magazine advertisements, book illustrations, DVD and CD covers, event programs, and other types of publications are also shifting as far as the level of quality that is expected. Although these publications were once quite simple, their creators also need to keep up with modern demands and trends.


At CorelDRAW, we are passionate about helping both beginner and professional graphic designers keep up with modern design trends, no matter what type of products they are creating. From basic promotional materials to more complex projects, our vast graphics suite includes everything you need to create nearly any modern graphic design project. Visit our website to learn more about our new graphics suite or to download your free trial!

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