Invitation Design: How to Design Your Own Invitations

Invitations to occasions and functions are an excellent way to set the tone for any event. Whether it's a birthday party, office party, or any other party you are preparing, an invitation is an excellent way to let your guests know the location and why the event is happening. If you want to have unique invitations, you should design them yourself. Here are ways you should follow to create amazing invitations.

How to design your invitations

Choose print type and quality

Invitations can be folded to create a four-sided card, or they can be a single-sided piece. You can also have invitations with extra inserts with matching envelopes. Choosing the right one for your occasion depends on the event and your budget.

Invitation for formal events

If you are planning formal events like a gala evening or wedding, you should opt for a higher-quality card. You can also go for profile shapes along the edge or gilt edging to give your card an extra touch. High quality folded invitation is also an excellent option for including details like the schedule of events.
If your event has a theme like an engagement party, go for an embossed card with an appropriate design.

Invitation for informal events

If the party is less formal, like an office party, birthday party, or Christmas, you can opt for using a simple piece of paper. The invitation should reflect the event.

Style and tone

Now that you know the card to use, it's time to think about the actual design of your invitation. For less formal parties, use bright colors. If you are designing invitations for formal occasions, then single strong colors like gold, black, or cream will be appropriate. Make sure the invitation reflects the occasion.

You should also take into account the background and age of guests. For instance, if you are designing invitations for a 50th birthday party, you'll have different elements from a 16th birthday party. The elements like the color scheme, pictures, and fonts should tie together to create an impression of the event.

If you are designing an invitation card for a dinner dance, go for a classy and elegant card. Your lettering should also match the event. Classic fonts are appropriate for formal occasions, while the cartoon-style fonts show a relaxed atmosphere.

Create the text

No matter the design of your invitation, you should include the appropriate text. Make the invitation appealing so that your guests will want to attend. Here is the text to include on your invitation card.

  • What the occasion is: don't assume that your guests know all about the occasion. State clearly what the party is all about.
  • When: You should include the day, date, month and even time the event will take place.
  • Where: you should also be specific about where the event will be. If possible, include the postcode.
  • What guests should wear: if there will be a dress code, state it clearly on the invitation. It will be worse for your guests to turn up to the party with the wrong outfits.
  • How to reply: make sure you tell your guests the kind of reply you need. It will help avoid any confusion. You should not assume that your invitees know what you expect. If you want your invitees to email you at your office by a certain date, you should say so in the invitation.


Now that you have everything ready, it's time to print your invitations. You can opt to share or print the invitations. You can order prints to have them printed and shipped to you. You can also opt for sending your invitations through text message, social media, or email. If you are going to send them by post, make sure you send them six to eight weeks before the event.

As you can see, designing your invitations is easy. You can start from scratch or use a template to come up with a unique design.

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