Wedding Invitation Design: How to Design Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day is a day you show the world your love story. It only happens once and you have to go all out. You can tell your love story using custom wedding invitations. If you are on a tight budget or you just want to be creative, it's an excellent idea to design your wedding invitations.

A custom wedding invitation not only saves you money but also showcases your personality. Whether you are starting from scratch or you are using a template, a custom invitation is an excellent way to brand your day. Here are steps that will help you design some amazing wedding invitations.

How to design wedding invitations

Choose the correct size

The first step in wedding invitation card design is to pick the shape and size of the invites. The specifications will make your design process stress-free. There are different sizes of wedding invitations and you'll decide whether you want a smaller or a larger card. Make sure the invitations are small enough to be posted as a letter.

If your invitation is larger than the maximum mailing dimension, you'll pay more money. You'll also pay more if you have a smaller invitation than normal ones. So make sure that you find a size that is in between. You can print your wedding invitations online and have them shipped to your destination or you can use a local print shop.

Design a visual theme

When choosing a theme for your wedding invitation, go for a style that showcases you and your partner's personality. Take a few days to look at the different options in the galleries. Nowadays, brides want to express their personality through their invitations.

Color is an excellent way to give atmosphere to your design. If you still prefer traditional styling, you can go for a muted color palette. For a luxurious look, go for creams and gold. If you want something more feminine, then pastel tones of pink, baby blue, and mint will do.

Collect the images

If you are not using templates, you should start collecting design elements. Most couples prefer to use a photo on the invitation, while others go for a theme based on their wedding destination. No matter the style you choose, look for images that will be part of the invitation design. If you have custom elements like hand-drawn lettering or illustrations, only go for high-quality ones.

Get the perfect typography

Great typography will make your invitations look beautiful. The font you use on your wedding invitation speaks volumes. The wedding invitation design trend is that anything goes. Choose a typeface that works with actual letters. Make sure you test the typeface on the names of the couples getting married, the date, and location of the wedding.

For styling the couple's names, you can go for calligraphy-inspired fonts. You can also choose from the thousands of hand-drawn fonts at your disposal. You can use a vector font to bring out professionalism and beauty. Look for fonts with unusual ampersands. A dramatic ampersand will give a great touch to your invitation.

Add decorative elements

Now that you have the typography in place, you should add decorative elements to make your design more calm and balanced. You can make your invite look more attractive by placing a simple line between the dates. You can also use borders around the margins to give your design a formal feel.

Print and mail

Once your wedding invitation is ready, you should print it and mail it to your guests. Make sure you send them on time to ensure they arrive ahead of the wedding. You should email your wedding invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding ceremony.

Now that you know how to design wedding invitations, you can go ahead and start making your invites. Even though it will take time and thought to come up with beautiful invitations, the result will be worth it. You'll have a unique design for your wedding.

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