Pixel Art Templates: A Guide to Pixel Art Templates

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a pro to create professional-quality pixel art for your website, game app, or printed media. Nor do you have to make your unique drawing. Many reasons for creating a pixel art image will be easily satisfied by selecting and modifying a pixel art template to reflect your preferred image size and color palette.

What are Pixel Art Templates?

Pixel art templates are pixel art images that can be uploaded and modified using tools provided in your pixel art software. These templates provide the grid and the outlined image, which you can then use in paint-by-numbers style to fill in grids with color. The template provides layers of design, each of which can be modified to use different colors or include text or other added graphics that the artist wishes to have in the image.

There are thousands of easy pixel art templates in a variety of themes available for free online.

How to Use a Pixel Art Template

If you are downloading the file, save it to the desired location on your computer. Create a new image in CorelDRAW and upload the template. You then can modify the various layers of the image or use the image as an overlay to assist you in creating an entirely new image using elements of the template.

You can then resize your image to the size it needs to add text and other effects. When you're ready to save the picture, you can choose from a web-ready or print-ready format.

How to Make a Template

Making a pixel art template can be done either by hand or in your software program itself. If you wish to draw your template by hand, you should use a piece of grid paper. Remember that each square on the grid represents a "cell" that can be filled with color as your design dictates. However, you must fill the cell in completely with a single color. Once you have completed your template, you can scan the image and place it into a new gridded image on your pixel art software. You can also create your template digitally directly in the software program by using a stylus pen and then import your photo into a new document.

Once you have saved the image, you can begin using the various tools available in your software to edit and modify the work into a new image. Some of the tools available for pixel art creation from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite include:

  • The objects docker will show you all of the objects involved in your creation and allow you to easily access and modify each object without affecting any of the others.
  • The paint tool and the eraser.
  • The eyedropper tool allows you to take a sample of color from your template and match that color precisely for use in your created image.


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