How to Make Pixel Art: The Ultimate Guide

Pixel art has been known as the birth of new artistic techniques due to its size and color limitations. As a result, it has forced designers to develop new and creative solutions to make these images work for them. Today, pixel art exists as a graphics style, where pictures fall in line with a retro illusion.

What makes pixel art so intriguing is creating simple pictures in beautiful arrangements using big colored pixel blocks. What is even more exciting is this process does not have to be complicated- as long as you have the proper pixel art software. To better help, you understand pixel art. We have prepared the following guide, explaining what pixel art is, what type of designs you can create with pixel art, and how to make these unique pictures by yourself.

What is Pixel Art?

Pixel art is a form of digital art that allows you to create bigger designs out of small details or pixels. Typically, pixel art is created using software where images are edited on the pixel level. In recent years, pixel art has been making a giant comeback. Mainly due to its unique and distinctive look and the nostalgia behind it.

How to Make Pixel Art

Before starting your pixel art project, you need to remember that pixel art is just like any other art medium, which means you need to have a good drawing to create good pixel art. That is why it is essential to use software to provide you with the tools you need to create the stunning image you want.

  • When considering pixel art software, CorelDRAW can be just what you need. No matter if you are a designer, illustrator, or just someone that wants to create old-style Pixel Art, the CorelDRAW software can help you make the perfect design time and time again.
  • To design your pixel art picture, you will begin by starting a new document and setting Pixels' units of measures. You can choose between 300 dpi, 72 dpi, or any resolution that you prefer.
  • You will also want to enable the document grid to become an invaluable tool when creating pixel art. You will want to make sure you adjust the grid settings to have a grid that shows you exactly where the pixels are without having to significantly zoom in to find them.
  • Next, you will use either a digital pen or a mouse to create your pixel art illustration. When you use CorelDRAW, you will have many tools at your disposal to create the perfect image. You will be able to insert objects, pick the perfect paint tools, and add color and effects best suited for your pixel illustration.
  • Additionally, if you are looking to add some text to your pixel art design, you can use the Text tool and include a text as a separate object.
  • When you are finished with your design or illustration, you will want to resize it to meet your project specifications. This can be done by going up to image> Resample and enter the new image size and resolution. Usually, if you have your settings at 300 dpi from the start, the image should print out with excellent quality.
  • Once your illustration is in the size you need, and the pixels appear sharp and crisp. Ensure you either save your image or export it depending on what you want to do with the final product.

Pixel Art Ideas

What is great about pixel art is that the designs can be anything you want them to be. For instance, your creation can resemble your beloved videogames, or you can turn your old designs into something original and new. In truth, there are endless creative ideas when it comes to pixel art. However, to get you started, consider the following:

  • Landscape Pixel Art
  • Video Game Pixel Art
  • Geometric Design Pixel Art
  • Beautifully Re-Imagined Movies Pixel Art
  • TV Show Character Pixel Art

Create the Perfect Pixel Art in No Time

With CorelDRAW, we make creating pixel art not only fun and exciting, but we also provide you with all the tools you need to allow your imagination to run free and create the art you have always wanted. That is why do not wait. Give CorelDRAW a try and see just where your creativity will take you.

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