Sublimation Supplies: What Do You Need for Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing has made it possible to customize almost anything, from personal mugs and pillows to a wide range of commercial products. The print quality is flawless, and you can achieve just about any style. Consequently, sublimation supplies are becoming more popular – and so is the sublimation printing business.

Sublimation printing mostly relies on ink and heat pressure. However, you need a range of sublimation supplies to get started.

What sublimation supplies do I need?

Here is a brief overview of the supplies you will need for sublimation printing:

Sublimation printer

A sublimation printer handles the bulk of the sublimation printing process. Consequently, it is the first thing you should consider getting.

Sublimation printers come in different brands and offer varying features. Ensure that your sublimation printer meets all of your requirements. Size is one of the most important factors to consider – the largest printers can print up to 24'' of paper. Printing variety is also an important consideration – some printers only print paper, while others can print a wider range of materials, such as doormats and signs.

Computer & software

You will need a computer and printing software to operate your sublimation printer. The computer should be powerful enough to handle popular design programs such as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Most printers come with built-in sublimation printing programs. These programs vary in quality, but most are easy to use and can create versatile designs. However, you can buy third party sublimation printing software or create your own. Remember, your software's quality will affect the quality of your sublimation printing products.

Ink & paper

You will need a steady supply of ink and paper for consistent sublimation printing. Get a full set of ink to manipulate any color. Additionally, remember that the quality of ink and paper will directly affect the quality of your sublimation printing products.

Heat press

Some people use a standard home iron for heat transfer. However, a home iron is cumbersome to use, and you need a heat press for professional sublimation printing.

A heat press is hot enough to deliver consistent and high-quality prints. Additionally, a heat press has a surface large enough to handle large papers. On that note, heat presses come in varying sizes and designs, so ensure that you get one that meets your requirements. Additionally, the heat press's design will also affect the quality and versatility of your prints.

You will also need a mug press if you want to print mugs and other ceramic utensils. However, a mug oven is recommendable as it can accommodate multiple utensils simultaneously, reducing your workload.

Sublimation blanks

Sublimation blanks essentially are the products you want to print. Most sublimation printers can only print paper, as mentioned. However, advanced printers can print products such as mugs and fabrics such as mugs and pillows.

Ideally, the products must be blank before printing. Additionally, the products must either be made of polyester or feature a special polyester coating for the ink to stick to the surface.

Miscellaneous supplies

The supplies covered above are most notable for their importance. However, you will also need a range of miscellaneous supplies that are also important for the printing process. These supplies include:

  • Transfer gloves – to protect your hands from ink and heat.
  • Spray adhesive – to secure the paper as you print.
  • Thermal tape – this is also used to secure the paper as you print, and it is an alternative to spread adhesive.
  • Foam pillows – to protect your fabrics products from direct heat from the heat press.
  • Silicone cover sheets – to prevent ink from smearing on your heat-press.


These are the sublimation supplies you will need for sublimation printing. You will also need a creative mind, keen eye, and sublimation printing skills.

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