Convert a JPG to a PDF with CorelDRAW

Want an easier way to share files? Convert a JPG file to a PDF to create a more compressed and universal file for printing. See how CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is the ideal online JPG to PDF converter.

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How to convert a JPG to a PDF in CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW lets you quickly convert your JPG to a PDF using a few simple steps. Here’s how.

Open CorelDRAW

1. Open CorelDRAW

You can always try CorelDRAW for free if you aren’t a current user.

Open your JPG file

2. Open your JPG file

Make necessary edits or revisions with the built-in image editor, Corel PHOTO-PAINT™.

Choose the Convert tab at the top

3. Choose the Convert tab at the top

Export PDF to an image format, JPG

4. Export PDF to an image format, JPG

You have now successfully converted your image.

Open your PDF in CorelDRAW

5. Open your PDF in CorelDRAW

Here’s how to open a PDF file in CorelDRAW on Windows or Mac.

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Compress file size

The PDF file format is the go-to choice when compressing file size. It’s widely known and used by artists, designers, businesses, and graphics enthusiasts.

The popularity of PDF documents is due to their compact, shareable file sizes and high-quality clarity of images.

Make edits to a PDF

CorelDRAW offers intuitive, in-app editing for your PDFs, which saves time and money. By importing an existing PDF file, there’s no need to recreate a file from scratch or purchase a separate app.

You can change the font, colors, and image characteristics to a fully editable document.

Choose a printer-friendly PDF

Working with a PDF is the best format for files you want to print. It’s also a standard format for sharing with colleagues or clients.

If you need to use your JPG images in a document, brochure, or poster, you'll want to use a PDF.

Frequently asked questions

Save time and space by putting several JPG files into a single PDF.

Once you open "Create a PDF” in CorelDRAW, choose “Combine files.”

You’ll be prompted to add files by clicking “Add Files” or using the drag-and-drop function.

Click “Combine,” and the collection of JPG files will be in one PDF.

How do I save a picture as a PDF in CorelDRAW?

Open CorelDRAW and choose the photo you want to save in the new file format.

On the toolbar drop-down menu, select “Publish to PDF.”

Name your new PDF file, choose the preferred PDF preset, and save it to your desktop.

How do I import a JPG into a PDF?

With the help of CorelDRAW, you can import your JPGs on both Windows and Mac platforms. First, open the JPEG file and select import settings. Then, import it as a PDF and save your document. You did it!

Convert a JPG to a PDF like a pro

It takes mere minutes to convert a JPG to a PDF. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite handles all your file needs, both importing and converting. The software is sound, and the steps are easy. Trust a proven global leader for all your file conversion needs.