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Need a sharper, high-quality image for your brochure, website, or social media? Your best choice is a PNG file format to retain the color and clarity of your image. Converting your JPG to PNG only takes a few quick clicks with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite.

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How to convert JPG to PNG in CorelDRAW

Benefit from more flexibility, higher quality, and better compression results with a PNG file.

Here’s how CorelDRAW can help you get there.

Open CorelDRAW

1. Open CorelDRAW

If you aren’t a current CorelDRAW user, you can always try it for free.

Open or upload JPG

2. Open or upload JPG

Within CorelDRAW, you have a built-in photo editor, Corel PHOTO-PAINT™, which can be used for this step.

Export to PNG

3. Export to PNG

Choose “File” from the toolbar and “Export.” (Note: don’t select “Export to.”) Choose PNG as your file format.

In this step, you can choose color mode and transparency options for your PNG.


4. Save

Choose “Okay” to save in your new file format.

Open PNG

5. Open PNG

Once you’ve exported your new PNG, here’s how to open it in CorelDRAW.

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Download and share with ease

Converting your JPG to a PNG allows faster download, more file options, and more precise results.

Using PNGs offers you higher quality during file compression, unlimited transparency options, and even faded edges on your image.

Add a splash of creativity

Once your file has been converted, you can experiment with various aspects of it, such as adding effects, changing the size, or incorporating filters.

Share with clarity

How about getting visually rich results with stunning clarity? PNGs provide the necessary resolution for website graphics, mobile applications, and professional presentation materials.

Frequently asked questions

No. Although they are both raster file formats, PNG and JPG have unique strengths and also vary in their compression capabilities.

PNG preserves every detail, resulting in a higher quality.

A JPG allows for a tradeoff between quality and size.

What's the difference between PNG and JPG?

Each file type serves a different purpose depending on your graphics needs.

PNG files are used to keep high-quality pixels during compression, sharing, and uploading to websites.

JPGs are ideal for file compression when storage space is crucial.

JPGs let you choose the amount of compression and data loss tradeoff.

You can’t create a transparent background in a PNG but you can with a JPG.

When should I use a PNG over a JPG?

It depends on your project needs.

Best use cases for a PNG file:

  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Web graphics
  • Logos
  • Illustrations

Best use cases for a JPG file:

  • Photographs
  • Detailed images that don’t include text.
  • Images that are without a transparent background.
  • Files needing a faster load time.

Can I animate a PNG file?

Unfortunately, no. A PNG file, like JPG, is considered a static image type and doesn't support animation.

However, if you want to create an animation your best file type is a GIF.

Can I switch it around and convert PNG to JPG?

Yes! With CorelDRAW you can do a variety of different file conversions.

Save time with a JPG to PNG file converter

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