Facebook Cover Photos: What to Know and How to Utilize Them

Facebook is a popular social media platform that you can use in many ways. Some people use it to stay connected with their family and friends that they don't see often. In addition, businesses will use Facebook as a way to reach out to their potential customers.

Businesses can create a page specifically designed to highlight their business. It is a little different from a standard user page and can be set up to focus on essential aspects of the business. For example, you can include things like hours you are open, your address, an about me page, reviews, and photos, among other things.

What is a cover photo on Facebook?

A cover photo on Facebook is a large photo set above your profile image and the name of your business. Your cover photo is public, so anyone who visits your profile will be able to see it. Here are directions on how to add or change your cover photo on Facebook.

  1. Go to your profile page on Facebook.
  2. If you do not have a cover photo, there will be an option called "Add Cover Photo" in the bottom right corner of where the cover photo goes.
  3. Click on that button, and it will bring up the options to either "Select Photo" or "Upload Photo." If you have a photo on Facebook you want to use, choose "Select Photo."
  4. This will bring up your recent photos on Facebook, and you can click on the one you want. It will automatically appear in the cover photo area, and you can drag it to reposition the photo.
  5. Once the photo is where you want it to be, click "Save Changes" in the top right corner.
  6. If you wish to upload a photo, click on "Upload Photo," and it will bring up the images you have on your device.
  7. Click on the photo you want, reposition as needed, and click "Save Changes."
  8. If you already have a cover photo and wish to change it, you can click on "Edit Cover Photo" in the bottom right corner of where the cover photo goes.
  9. This will bring up the same options as before, along with the ability to reposition the photo or remove it.

How to utilize a cover photo for your business

There are many ways you can use your cover photo to promote your business. Here are some ideas.

  1. Use it as a billboard: If you were going to put an ad on a billboard, you can take that imagery and put it on your cover photo, as well. Then, anytime someone views your profile, they will see your ad.
  2. Include a Call-to-action: Somewhere on your profile picture, have a call-to-action for your business. For example, it could be that you ask customers to contact you via the listed phone number, or you could highlight an event you are hosting and ask people to sign up.
  3. Introduce Yourself: Take a photo of the space you work in with all the employees present. Or, create a collage of your employees and use that as a cover photo. This helps customers get a sense of your company culture.
  4. Bring on the emotions: Humans are very emotion-driven, so creating a cover photo that will pull on their emotions will help bring people to your page.


Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it well. Consider setting up a cover photo for your Facebook business page that will help draw people in. There are multiple ways to use your cover photo for free advertising, including creating a billboard ad, providing a call-to-action, introducing yourself, and pulling on people's emotions.

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