How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo: A Designer’s Guide

At first glance, making a good cover photo sounds easy. But, once you get to it, things get pretty tough. After all, you only get one chance to make a good impression. And a not-so-good cover photo just won't cut it.

As the first thing people see when they look at your Facebook page, your cover photo should not only catch their eye but also convey the right message. And with Facebook's 2.5 billion active users in any given month, you have a lot of people to impress.

We'll tell you how to make a Facebook cover photo in a minute. But first:

What makes a good Facebook cover photo?

The secret to creating a good cover isn't just about picking the right image. Here are a few things that could make your cover photo truly exceptional.

The right size

An ideal Facebook cover photo should:

  • Display at 820x 312 pixels on computers and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones.
  • Load fastest on sRGB JPJ file that is 851 x 315 pixels
  • Be less than 100 kilobytes

This basically means that even though you will only upload one photo, Facebook will display it in two different ways:

  • In rectangular format measuring 20 x 312 pixels for computers
  • In a square format measuring 640 x 360 pixels for smartphones

That being said, if you want a cover photo that works well on both computers and smartphones, then you should probably go for an image measuring approximately 840 x 462 pixels. This format seems to work best.

Abide by Facebook cover photo guidelines

This might seem pretty obvious, but failure to abide by Facebook's cover photo guidelines might have some rather negative consequences. You might even get your page taken down. Here are a few ways you can keep that from happening:

  • Make your cover photo public.
  • Ensure that your cover photo is not misleading, deceptive, or infringing on another person's copyright.
  • Never ask or persuade people to upload your cover photo to their timelines.

Stay visual

Before 2013, Facebook had a 20% rule on text in cover photos. This rule has since been lifted. But that doesn't mean you should go the whole hog with text on your cover photo.

The rule stated that only 20% of your cover photo could be covered in text. This rule was quite restricting to marketers, but it had a good sentiment behind it. If you plan on using text in your cover photo, make the text concise. This will make your cover photo much more interesting and engaging.

How to design your cover photo for your business

Designing a Facebook cover photo from the ground up is pretty straightforward. All you need is simple design skills and design software like CorelDRAW to get started. Here is how to create a Facebook cover photo:

Step 1: Select the right size for your cover photo.

On your design software, go to 'create a new document' then key in the correct size details according to Facebook's cover photo guidelines. You'll also need to set your primary color mode to RGB and your rendering resolution to 96 dpi.

Step 2: Add graphic elements

Graphic elements include anything from anything from text and shapes to icon. When adding your text and other graphic elements, remember that there's an area on your Facebook cover photo where your profile picture appears. You should keep this area free of any important information.

Step 3: Export to web

Open the export for web dialogue box on your design software. Before exporting it, you'll have to ensure that the photo matches Facebook requirements in terms of size, color mode, and resolution. Once you've confirmed that everything is in order, you can now download and post your cover photo.


Creating a good Facebook cover photo comes down to knowing what your audience needs and having the right design software. Software like CorelDRAW has all the tools you need to create a Facebook cover photo.

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