Facebook Cover Photo Size: The Ultimate Guide to Dimensions

Facebook may be one of the oldest social media sites, but it's still one of the most relevant. Whether you're catching up with old friends, creating a professional presence, or broadcasting your new business, make sure your Facebook profile is doing its best to present your images—and you—in the best light possible. As part of that project, it's important to make sure your Facebook cover photo has the right dimensions. Learn more about the precise dimensions of your Facebook cover photo, recommended sizes, and how to crop your cover photo.

What are the dimensions for a Facebook cover photo?

Facebook is optimized both for desktop use and for mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones). The desktop dimensions of a Facebook cover photo are 820 pixels by 312 pixels, creating a long narrow bar that sits above your name and Facebook profile picture.

In the mobile-optimized view, the dimensions shift to 640 pixels by 360 pixels. This is still a narrow bar, but it has a different aspect ratio from the desktop version. This means it's important to choose a Facebook cover photo that doesn't have critical details or text along the border of the image. After all, it can be cropped away when users view your profile through different devices.

However, just because the display for your Facebook cover photo is either 820x312 pixels or 640x360 pixels doesn't mean your base image has to be or even should be precisely those dimensions. In fact, Facebook recommends uploading a photo that's at least 400 pixels by 150 pixels but (for the fastest possible load speed) shouldn't exceed 851 pixels in length or 315 pixels high. This size range can accommodate a wide range of images with the right basic landscape shape. You can also crop or edit your photos so they fit within these parameters.

How to crop and prepare your cover photo

Because cover photos are that signature strip of personality at the top of your Facebook profile page, they don't have the standard photo dimensions that cameras and smartphones typically offer. That means you'll need to crop your photo so your cover image is precisely what you want it to be.

There are a few different ways you can crop your cover photo so it has the right dimensions and content:

  1. If you want to keep as much of the original photo as possible: First check to see if your original image is more than 851 pixels long. If so, you can resize the whole image (while maintaining the aspect ratio). If your image's length already falls within the accepted length range, you can skip that step. Then you can click the crop tool and highlight the whole length of the photo while highlighting only a portion of the image's height.
  2. If you want to focus on one key part of the image: Provided your image is longer and/or wider than it should be, you can select the crop tool and then click and drag your cursor to highlight the portion of the image you want as your cover photo. Before you finalize the crop, make sure the new dimensions fall within the guidelines!

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