Graphic Design Blogs: The Best Graphic Design Blogs for Inspiration

Graphic design is a creative industry filled with creative people. However, even creative people need to be inspired by the work of others as well as the opportunity to keep up with emerging trends in the profession. This is where graphic design blogs come in. Here are some of the best graphic design blogs to turn to for a creative spark or even a bit more learning about your craft.

Wix Creative Blog

Offered by the cloud-based development platform, Wix, the blog provides resources for creatives, with topics such as resources for finding culturally diverse stock photos, how to create an online design portfolio, social media tips for designers, and much more. The step-by-step guides that are featured on the blog are a great learning tool for mastering new design skills on your own time.

Creative Bloq

A list of the best graphic design blogs wouldn’t be complete without this gem. Creative Bloq is a massive collection of news, buying guides, and inspiration that will appeal to experienced and new graphic designers alike. The variety of its offerings makes it easy to see why this is one of the most popular graphic design blogs around.

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Abduzeedo has been around a long time -- since 2006, which is practically a lifetime in terms of online offerings. During that time, it has established quite a library of articles written by individual writers on architecture, design, photography, and UX, with a rare and welcome focus on 3D design as well.

Made by Folk

This blog started out as a place for artists, illustrators, and programmers to share their favorite artwork. However, what came out of the offering is a treasure trove of information on a wide range of topics, including building a reputation in logo and type design, collaborations between artists and design studios, and the importance of balancing artistic and commercial work. It is a great resource for keeping up with emerging design trends.


Founded in 2007, UCreative seeks to offer insights into all facets of the creative process in short postings that can generally be consumed in less than ten minutes. Whether offering resources for free fonts, researching alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, or simply offering advice from top graphic designers around the world, UCreative offers something for everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been in the industry.


One of the first things you notice about this graphic design blog is that it has a beautiful and soothing design of its own. Beyond that, the site offers a number of common-sense postings about the business aspect of graphic design, a glimpse into what life entails, and information about other topics, such as how to deal with inspiration overload, the importance of storytelling in design, and applying design thinking to your everyday life.

The Design Blog

Created by a Croatian designer, this blog is a strong resource for young graphic designers, as well as those needing inspiration. This graphic design inspiration blog features work from designers around the world and especially seeks to showcase the work of new designers and students.

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