Graphic Design Tools: Your Guide to Choosing Your Graphic Design Tools

The tools you use as a graphic designer can make a huge difference in your overall production quality. With the right tools, you can create stunning images, edits, and even hard copies of your designs. If you don’t have these graphic design must-have tools in hand, however, you may find that it’s much more difficult for you to accomplish your goals.

Must-Have Graphic Design Tools

If you’re just getting started as a graphic designer, make sure you have these tools in your arsenal.

1. A computer.

Yes, you can accomplish many of your graphic design tasks from a tablet. Some edits, however, will go much smoother on a full-size computer. Computers often have better processing power. They’re also the perfect location for storing your designs and work.

Many graphic designers prefer Macs to PCs. Do your research into the different types of computers from a graphic design perspective.

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2. A solid backup program.

Whether you choose to use an external drive or back up to the cloud, make sure you have a backup program in place that will help you keep track of your work, even if something happens to your device. Ideally, you should have off-site copies of your current work that you can easily access even if something happens in your home or workplace.

Keep in mind that graphic design files are often very large. You may need to purchase a paid backup program or maintain multiple cloud accounts in order to keep up with all of your designs.

3. A drawing tablet.

A drawing tablet can make a huge difference in your graphic design work. Like a sketchbook, you can hold it on your lap or prop it on a table as you work with your designs. A drawing pencil that connects with the touchscreen on your tablet can allow you to refine your designs with more detail than you can accomplish with a mouse alone.

4. Graphic design software.

Before you start designing, make sure you have a great graphic design program. As a beginner, you may need graphic design tools that will provide you with templates and guides to get started. A more experienced graphic designer may need software that will allow for a deeper level of manipulation.

5. Notebooks and sketch tools.

Sure, you can do a lot of things on your computer, but there are some sketches that you just need to take care of by hand. Make sure you have paper tools on hand to make the most of your graphic design efforts.

6. A high-def monitor.

You want to make sure that your images are high-quality and that you aren’t missing any details. A high-def monitor will help ensure that your images look their best. Choose as large a monitor as you can easily fit in your space.


Do you have the tools in hand that you need to get started as a graphic designer? Make sure you have these basic graphic design tools ready as you embark on the journey of graphic design.

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