A Guide to Designing Custom Letterhead

Among the many ways you can get your company's name in the hands -- and mind -- of potential customers and other powerful individuals is through your letterhead. By definition, the letterhead is the appearance of your logo and business contact information at the top of your business documents. The beauty of the letterhead is that it can be used for so many types of communication.

Documents in which one would use a letterhead include:

  • Letters containing offers of employment to prospective employees.
  • Notices to the public or certain groups of individuals.
  • Letters to your customers, such as invoices.
  • Cover letters for company proposals or presentations.
  • Internal communications between departments in your company.
  • Communication with government authorities or banks.

While your letterhead should be unique and unforgettable, care should be taken to ensure that it is not so over-the-top that it appears unprofessional. Read on for more information about designing a letterhead that represents your company with every piece of correspondence you write.

Why Is Letterhead Design Important?

When appropriately designed, letterhead provides the following benefits to your business:

  • It shows that you care about how your business is represented, which can translate in your customers' and vendors' minds that you also care about the products or services you offer. The letterhead's placement at the top of a business letter is often the most noticeable part of the letter and is generally the first impression that the reader has of you.
  • It can provide credibility. A high-quality logo and a professional layout for your correspondence give the reader a sense of reliability, formality, and consistency.
  • If can define and reinforce your brand. A simple design featuring your logo helps those you communicate within writing to recognize your brand immediately. Regardless of the letter's content that is placed on the letterhead, the individual receiving it knows who it is from. This is why well-designed letterhead is a regular component of business marketing strategies in every industry in the world.
  • It reinforces your commitment to your customer and creates far more of a personalized and attention-getting feel to your correspondence than if you were to communicate on plain paper.

How to Design a Letterhead

By using CorelDRAW graphic design software, you can create your own, unique letterhead through the following simple steps:

  • Set your page size. In the U.S., the size will be letter. In the U.K., the proper page size will be A4.
  • Once your page is set up, it is time to add text and images. You can upload your logo to paste onto the page. When you are typing your text on your letterhead, a 15-point font will provide your company name with a reader-friendly and professional-looking size. On the following line, place your phone number, address, or other text information in 10-point font size.
  • Once you have placed your text on your letterhead, you can change the color by selecting the text and clicking on the color palette.
  • Add embellishments, such as a frame around the border of the letter or a horizontal line that separates the letterhead from the letter's body.


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