Letterhead Templates: The Advantages of Using Templates

What is Letterhead?

Official communications are sent on letterhead. We recognize it as formal, legitimate, or authorized because it is printed with the sender's name, contact information, and logo. Some papers have a watermark in the background and include other design elements.

The factor that designates letterhead as an official document is a consistency in branding. A well-designed letterhead is impressive. You can create your own with a letterhead maker that includes professional templates.

What is the Purpose of Letterhead?

One of the first activities for a new business or organization is creating official letterhead for sending communications. It plays a major role in the company's brand identity. Any correspondence sent to clients, partners, associates, and members displays the easily recognized corporate brand identity, including the name, tagline, logo, color scheme, and fonts.

Advantages of Great Letterhead Templates

Letterhead is influential. Sometimes it is the first contact the public has with an organization. It must have a professional appearance. It should instantly convey a sense of proficiency and leave a memorable impression. It should increase reader response. Letterhead templates come with the design components that make your finished product outstanding:

  • Simplicity — while it is true that your design should be notable, it still needs to respect the importance of the communication itself. A template will keep it simple so that it does not compete with the message.
  • Brand — the more often the public sees your logo and identifiers, the more your company is ingrained in their minds. Use elements from your website and marketing materials in your template to reinforce your brand.
  • White space — crowding too much material onto a page makes it difficult to read and digest. Templates balance white space with graphics and text, leaving places where the eye can relax and allow the reader to absorb the information.
  • Color — color draws attention to places on the letterhead that you want to emphasize. Color can be used to elicit specific emotional responses, and a good template handles that for you.
  • Details — aside from leaving a strong, positive impression on the reader, your letterhead is intended to provide your contact information. A template comes with designated spaces for you to insert this information.

What is Letterhead Software?

Letterhead software is a tool that allows you to design your letterhead. It gives you the control over arranging your letterhead design elements — choosing the fonts, inserting your logo, adding color, text, and graphics. It helps you create thoughtful layouts and colorful contrasts. The best graphics software for letterhead comes with pre-designed, editable templates.

How to Choose a Letterhead Maker

Online letterhead makers are convenient but limited. They offer a "drag and drop" format that restricts your ability to create unique designs, separating your brand from the crowd. The best letterhead design software gives you options for stunning results:

  • Offers several letterhead templates
  • Easy to install on your devices
  • Intuitive to use
  • Reference guides and quick support
  • An extensive library of clipart, photos and images
  • Instant access to professionally designed templates
  • Graphic design tools ranging from beginner to advanced
  • Affordable pricing


The success of a business or organization depends largely on the number of people it serves. A communication sent on your company's letterhead is the first formal step in a business relationship. The quality of your stationery can leave a negative or positive first impression. To create the perception that attracts more people, your letterhead must be outstanding. This starts with using the best letterhead design software and proven professional templates. With a little ingenuity and the help of a great template, your letterhead's first impression will leave a lasting impression.

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