Great design teams aren’t confined. They’re CONNECTED.

Support seamless virtual collaboration across distributed teams and dispersed stakeholders. Simplify sharing and shorten review cycles with intuitive cloud-based tools that work where and how your business does.

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Dramatically better design collaboration for today’s business landscape

Design that defines brands, thrills clients, and sells products isn’t just about great creative. It’s about great teamwork. Talented individuals doing amazing things together—wherever they are. CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite’s collaboration features equip design teams to connect seamlessly, create brilliantly, and deliver consistently excellent work from anywhere on any device. In scope. On budget. On time. Every time.

Seamless review, feedback and collaboration

Put your entire team on the same page

Empower creators, engage contributors, and align with clients in one transparent place—the design file itself. Save screen space, time, and money with a solution built for the speed of business.

Erase silos

Share concepts with your reviewers in the Cloud. Invite contributors to view, markup, and comment directly on your CorelDRAW design file.

Clarify communication

When reviewers click their invite link, the design file will open in™, ready for them to markup with easy-to-use comment and annotation tools.

Eliminate bottlenecks

See and reply to feedback in real-time. Quickly make changes to your designs and save the file to the Cloud so contributors can view your changes.

Enable dynamic conversations and high productivity while maintaining project control

Annotation tools

Comments docker and inspector centralize management

View, respond, and resolve live feedback, and add your own notes. Filter and search reviewer comments. No more marked-up PDFs or image files.

Real-time Annotation tools accelerate workflows

Stakeholders can work collectively in real-time in CorelDRAW and™. Add a note icon, mark up a document, add a comment to clarify and more. Watch video

Collaboration sign-in options Enterprise simplifies deployment & access

Users simply sign in using their corporate Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account to view, review, annotate and approve shared designs, or create graphics in a web browser or iPad for sharing across the corporate cloud.

Seamless file sharing enables friction-free review and approval

Review-ready CorelDRAW (.CDR) files are uploaded to an and shared through a web link. Reviewers can access and comment on shared files via™. Watch video

Note: Collaboration features are available only through a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription, licensing with maintenance, or through a Pro subscription, but anyone can experience the collaboration workflow with a free trial.

Original sample artwork is provided by third parties and is used, and/or modified, by permission, unless otherwise agreed with such parties.