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Change Photo Background

Sometimes you will want to remove a background from an image. You may want to add the foreground to a different image, or the background just doesn’t look good, whatever the reason may be CorelDRAW’s photo background changing tools make it easy to do.

Photo Background Change

How to change a background in CorelDRAW

  • Step 1 Select the image you want to remove the background from
  • Step 2 Trace the foreground that you want to keep
  • Step 3 Create and apply a clipping mask
  • Step 4 And you are done. Save your image

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CorelDRAW’s powerful photo background removal features give you the power to edit your
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CorelDRAW does more than just photo background change

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Change image backgrounds has never been easier. We promise you’ll love the easy-to-use background change tools in CorelDRAW. Click below to download your free 15-day trial!