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Font Finder

Have you ever came across a font you really like but don’t know what it is? Maybe you have an old paper document that has an awesome font you like? CorelDRAW’s font identifier lets you identify fonts from images and scanned documents.

Font Finder

How identify fonts with CorelDRAW

  • Step 1 Scan the document into CorelDRAW
  • Step 2 Select Text > WhatTheFont?!
  • Step 3 Select the part of the document you that has the font you want to identify
  • Step 4 Press enter. You will then be given suggestions on font styles

Download a free trial now and find fonts today

No more searching the font library for the font you like. CorelDRAW’s font detector makes it a breeze to identify the font you want to you use.

CorelDRAW is more than just a font finder

Check out some of the other graphics design features in CorelDRAW, like font manager, page layout, gaussian blur, clip art, and more! Create high quality graphics in a fun and easy graphics software.

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Download the best font finder out there

Wasting time looking for fonts is a thing of the past. We promise you’ll love the simple font finder features in CorelDRAW. Click below to download your free 15-day trial!