Brochure Maker: A Guide to Choosing Brochure Software

Creating brochures is a great way to explain your products or make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you're designing a brochure for your latest networking event or putting together a professional-quality brochure to distribute to your clients, you want to make sure you have the tools on hand to get it right.

What is a Brochure Maker?

Brochure maker software allows you to put together a brochure, usually as a bifold or trifold. The software should allow you to design and produce brochures from effective, easy-to-use templates or to design your brochures from scratch.

How to Choose Brochure Software

Are you looking for software that will help you make more effective brochures? Make sure you know what you're looking for. Your brochure design software should include these key elements.

1. Intuitive interface.

Make sure you clearly understand how to use your brochure software, including integrating images or putting together graphs, infographics, and more. The brochure-making process should be simple and fun. Whether you're putting together a small, informative brochure to distribute or you're designing a more complex brochure to share with a much larger audience. Look for an intuitive interface, easy-to-follow instructions, and reviews that indicate that the brochure maker is simple to use.

2. Templates that fit your needs.

Your brochure software should come complete with templates you can adapt to fit your needs. They should contain options for text-based brochures and image-based brochures that you can easily transform into a professional-quality brochure for your needs. Ideally, you want multiple templates to choose from, which you can then customize to your needs. Those templates should include custom font and color options and layouts and designs that you can quickly select and customize when needed.

3. Drawing options.

Sometimes, your image library does not contain the images you need for your brochure. You may need to draw directly in the brochure to put together the exact content you want for your clients, especially when producing graphs or explanatory images. Take a look at the tools available on your chosen program, and make sure it allows plenty of options for customizing your work.

4. Intuitive import options.

As you're designing your brochure, you may want to import graphics that you have already created for other purposes: images imported directly from your library, graphs created for other purposes, or the company logo, for example. Your brochure creation software should make it simple and intuitive to add those images to your brochure. Ideally, it should also be compatible with various other programs and platforms so that you can easily import your existing images from a range of other sources. You may also want editing tools that will allow you to fix those images directly in the brochure.

5. Extensive image library.

While you may choose to import your images, you may also want to have basic images already available at your fingertips. Your brochure software should include an extensive image library that will allow you to easily put together a brochure that contains the basic images you have in mind. Take a look at your software to see what images it contains and what you may have to add yourself as you put together your brochures.


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