Brochure Templates: The Advantages of Using a Brochure Template

If you're looking to create a brochure, you may be wondering where to start. This may especially be the case if you're new to graphic design and have never created a brochure before. But not to worry. Brochure design templates are great for that purpose. In this post, you'll learn all about what a brochure template is and the advantages of using one.

What is a Brochure Template?

A brochure template is a premade design that already has the basic structure of a brochure. Blank brochure templates contain the format for how you'll present your information. This means that it already has a place to put a company name and logo. A brochure template often has a spot where you can place your cover image to grab your audience's attention. It would also contain sample text (often on the inside of the brochure) to give you an idea of where you'll be writing your text. Furthermore, brochure templates usually have designated areas to place your contact information (typically on the back cover).

Why Use a Template?

There are many advantages of using brochure templates. Here are a few:

Saves Time

From a time-saving perspective, brochure templates are a great choice. You'll save more time by choosing a premade template than creating one from scratch. Creating a brochure entirely from scratch means you have to brainstorm the design, visualize the design on paper, and create the design. Not only that, but you'd also have to gather all the information you need for the brochure.

Although you already have to provide your information even when using a template, most of the design aspect will be done for you. If you don't like the brochure you designed, it may take time for you to create a design you're satisfied with. If you're using a template, it doesn't take long to choose the one you like from an extensive collection. And if you find that you don't like the current template you're working with, you can always go back and choose another one.

Cost Efficiency

Because your brochure template will be online, you won't have to worry about traditional printing, which means no printing costs or delivery expenses. Instead of printing out your brochure, you can share it online, which eliminates printing costs. If you are using your brochure for marketing, you'll also be saving money with an online template.


With brochure templates, you might be worried about customizability and versatility. You may be asking, "Aren't they all the same?" But that's not the case with the advanced programs that are out now. There are both paid and free digital templates available in several formats like PDF, word, image, etc. Many programs like Canva, Microsoft Word and Publisher, and Adobe offer templates that allow you to customize and design your unique brochure. Using such platforms, you can customize the color scheme, layout, presentation, font, images, and much more to suit your style and taste. You'll be able to add or remove borders, text boxes, and graphics.

Within the design software, you can add descriptive headers, subheadings, listings, and bullet points to make your content more engaging and easy to read. You can also add signature elements unique only to you or your company.


Just because you're working with a brochure template doesn't mean you can't add your spin to it. Remember that your brochure is only as unique as you want it to be. Although you're using a template, you're still in charge of how your design will ultimately look.

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