How to Make a Flyer: The Ultimate Guide

What is a Flyer?

Flyers are used for many purposes, but the one thing they have in common is presenting a short, concise message. They can be handed out, posted, or mailed and usually have a short lifespan compared to other print media types. A flyer is a single sheet, ideal for short-lived promotions or events. For that reason, the ability to make your own flyer is valuable.

Flyer Design Essentials

When you decide to create a flyer, make a plan that will drive results. What images and text will inspire the recipients of the flyer to take action? The best flyers are eye-catching with a clear message.

  • State the "who, what, when and where"
  • Add images to support the tone and feel of the message
  • Use fewer words, choosing power words for concise communication
  • Include the contact information and an irresistible call-to-action

The overall theme of your flyer makes an instant impression on the reader. People tend to act based on their emotional response to what they see. What is the feeling you wish to evoke? Choose colors, images, fonts, and words that reflect your theme.

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How to Make a Business Flyer

The purpose of a sales and marketing campaign is to get your potential customers to take a specific action. A business flyer has the same intention. It is designed to quickly help them recognize that you have a product or service that solves a problem they have. If you want to know how to make a good flyer that converts prospects to customers, follow these guidelines:

  • Catchy headline — write a title that intrigues the reader enough to continue reading
  • Get to the point — keep you content brief, with only the essential information using language familiar to your audience
  • Digestible sections — divide your copy into clear sections with sufficient white space to alleviate eye strain
  • Bullet points — summarize your content with bullet points, charts, graphs and infographics
  • Reviews — if space permits, add a compelling, well-written testimonial
  • Call-to-action — tell your reader what you want them to do after they read the flyer
  • Contact information — add your physical address and/or your website, with driving directions when relevant
  • Graphic design — incorporate colors, high-resolution images, artwork and fonts
  • Proofread — be aware that mistakes in your content make you look incompetent, and the reader tends to focus more on the error then the message

How to Make a Flyer with Flyer Software

You will need a graphic design program or app compatible with your computer or device to make your own flyer. The software should provide you with multiple features for graphic design and layout, all-inclusive. It is worthwhile to use a graphics program that allows you to enhance images with a robust photo editor. An app with intuitive tools and self-explanatory tutorials gives even a novice designer the confidence to produce outstanding flyers.

Flyer Templates for Specific Themes

The typical size for a flyer is 8.5 inches by 11 inches – standard copy paper dimensions. The best graphic design program can either start out with a blank sheet or use flyer templates. For example, when you are unsure of how to make a party flyer, try out an event template for special occasions. It comes with preset guidelines yet allows for your creative input.

Get Started Designing Your Own Flyers

Receiving information through a website or social media is great but having a flyer in hand is a bonus. As long as your recipient keeps it, they have a constant visual reminder of who you are and the event or service you are promoting. There is no need to wait when you have a great graphic design program. Get started now to make your own flyer for your next special occasion.

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