Flyer Templates: The Advantages to Using a Flyer Template

A flyer is a form of print media used to share information quickly to a target audience. They are ideal for promoting a special deal or announcing an event. They can be posted in public places or handed out. When there is an immediate need to get a message out to specific recipients, flyer templates are great assets.

What is a Flyer Template?

A flyer template is a pre-designed layout ready for you to use. It contains areas of color, images, and text that are editable. It means that with a single click, you can change the colors and images to your own preferences. The template comes with pre-chosen fonts, and all you do is type your text into designated fields. For example, when advertising an open house for home buyers, use a real estate flyer template. Business flyer templates like this provide a space to drop in your company logo.

Flyer templates are categorized in themes that cover almost every topic you can imagine:

  • Announcements
  • Personal services
  • Special events
  • Fundraisers
  • Invitations
  • Business services
  • Special promotions

Why You Should Use Flyer Templates

Even though much of our attention is taken up by the world of digital media, printed flyers are still relevant. Under the right circumstances, they are even more effective. An attractive flyer is always an attention-grabber, but one of the biggest benefits comes from the distribution methods.


Bring your flyers to events or gatherings with people that fit the demographics for your event or service. You have the perfect opportunity to do relationship-building when handing out flyers.

Public posting

Hang your flyers in public places around your city where people will see them. Bulletin boards, light posts, college halls are ideal for increasing awareness and developing a new audience.

Digital posting

Save your flyer templates in a format that permits digital distribution. Make them downloadable through your website and emails. Post them across social media channels.

Time is another important aspect of creating flyers. Think about the last time you took one home. You pinned it to your bulletin board or stuck it to your refrigerator with a magnet. Perhaps a co-worker had used a Christmas flyer template to announce a virtual office party. Once the event was over, you tossed the flyer out. It had a limited lifespan. The beauty of using party flyer templates for occasions such as this is making attractive flyers in a matter of minutes.

How to Build Your Own Flyer Templates

There are two main ways to build your own flyer templates. You can either modify a premade template or start from scratch.

Modifying another template is doable, although using free flyer templates gives you fewer options. They are simple to use, but unfortunately, not all of them allow you to save your template to use again later. A top-notch graphic design program comes with features and tools for higher levels of customization. With a click, you can save your modifications as an editable file.

Starting with a blank flyer page is like giving an artist a blank canvas to paint. The result is a compilation of your greatest ideas and creative insights. With graphic design software, you can design stunning flyers modifiable in the future for other purposes. You have absolute control over creating a unique piece of media.

Designing an Impactful Flyer

When designing a flyer, focus on a single goal or objective to maintain a concise, clear message. Review various theme or event flyer templates and find one that has a pleasing layout. Use a catchy headline, encouraging your audience to want more information. Use a good balance of imagery, colors, text, graphics, and white space. When you are complete, print a test version to review. Keep these guidelines in mind to use flyer templates for effectively generating a response to your message.

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