Flyer Maker: A Guide to Choosing Flyer Software

Making flyers can help attract attention, share information, or bring a pop of color to an event. However, creating professional flyers is the key to making sure that your information stands out and can reach your target audience. Using the right flyer software can make that possible.

What is a Flyer Maker?

Flyer maker software is software that is specifically intended to help you design high-quality flyers. By choosing the best app to make flyers for your event, cause, or business, you'll find that it's much easier to put together high-quality flyers in less time.

How to Choose the Best Flyer Program

What should you consider when choosing a flyer program? Consider these features.

1. Templates

Whether you're looking for a flyer maker app for your phone or tablet or you're looking for flyer maker software for your computer, make sure it contains templates that you can quickly adapt to make your flyers. Sometimes, you may need to throw a flyer together on the fly. Templates can pair stock images and fonts that work well together, put together your basic layout for you, and streamline the flyer creation process so that you get a better flyer for less effort.

The ideal flyer maker app may have multiple templates on hand to meet various styles and needs. For example, your flyer maker might offer specific templates for creating party flyers, with another specific template for a business-related newsletter. By taking a solid look at those available templates before you decide on the software that's right for you, you can make sure that you won't have to unnecessarily tweak those options, spending more time than anticipated on your flyer.

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2. Stock Images

Depending on your purpose in designing flyers and your usual work, you may want a wide stock image library. Even if you typically provide your image own files, you may want basic stock images available to help streamline your flyer creation.

3. Intuitive Use

Learning how to use a flyer maker shouldn't involve struggling to figure out how to use a completely new platform. Instead, look for one that has an intuitive design: perhaps one that mimics other software programs or apps you have used in the past, or maybe one that you instinctively know how to navigate. Consider trying out a free trial or checking out reviews regarding the controls before you buy.

4. Customization Options

You want your flyer to be as unique as you are--or as unique as your business is. Choose a flyer that offers a wide range of customization options, from a diverse image library to a library of fonts and colors. Check out the borders and backdrops available in the flyer creation app. The more options you have available, the more you can let your creativity shine as you create the best flyers for your needs.

5. Cost

There are plenty of free flyer creation programs out there, but they may not offer the flexibility and design options you need. However, make sure you have a budget in mind before buying and looking for flyer creation software that fits your needs.


Choosing the right flyer maker can be the difference between a flyer that stands out and one that's dull, drab, and boring. Check out CorelDRAW's flyer maker features today to learn how you can let your creativity shine, what templates we have available, and how we can simplify the process of making your next flyer.

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