Flyer Design: A Guide on How to Design Great Flyers

How long has it been since you received a flyer? More importantly, did you read it or toss it without even taking a glance? When was the last time you truly got a flyer that you were interested in?

Companies, small businesses, and individuals often create flyers with the intention of spreading a message or information about an event or product to the masses but only end up with their flyers at the bottom of a recycling bin. However, the flyer does not have to be a lost cause. In this guide, we will help you understand what it takes to create a great flyer design and walk you through the process of producing your own.

What is a Flyer Design?

A flyer is a form of paper advertisement that is used for wide distribution. These flyers are either posted or distributed in public places, sent through the mail, or handed out to individuals. Even though flyers have been around for quite some time, many people still do not understand what it takes to create the ideal flyer. Hint- it is in the design.

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A well-designed flyer typically includes the following elements:

Intended Audience: The flyer's design speaks directly to the target audience.
Catchy: The flyer's design makes people take a second look.
Informational: The flyer's design clearly spells out what the flyer is advertising and what individuals need to do next.
Excitement: The flyer's design gets individuals excited about what the flyer is advertising.

How to Design a Flyer

Designing a flyer can be an exciting endeavor that lets you play around with your creative side. However, before you start throwing random ideas together, consider the following steps that can help you create the effective flyer you were hoping for:

  • What Goes On It: The first step of designing a flyer is figuring out what will go on it. Typically, flyers fall into three categories- product information, event announcements, or general awareness. Because each of these categories has its own requirements, it can affect the finished flyer design. For instance, an event announcement typically has information highlighting the event's date, location, time, and theme information. In comparison, a product fact sheet is usually double-sided and includes detailed information regarding the product.
  • Decide the Key Message: Once you decide your flyer's goal, you will next want to figure out what message you want your audience to take away from the flyer—allowing them to understand what you are promoting and what they need to do next.
  • Consider the Layout and Size: Before you get into the design details, you will want to confirm your flyer's size and layout. This way, you can make sure that all your information and elements will fit.
  • Choose the Style: Next, focus on the specific style you want for your flyer. Doing so can make it easier to pick the individual elements you want to include. For instance, start by selecting the colors that your flyer will consist of. Make sure you choose colors that will work with your target audience and brand and colors that can get people's attention.
  • Pick Appropriate Pictures and Text: When creating a flyer, you want to make sure your message is direct and straightforward. You do not want your audience to be left feeling confused. That is why many popular flyers use bold text or high-quality photos to quickly draw people in, get their point across, and leave their audience with a clear CTA.

Create Captivating Flyers in Minutes

It can be easy to overcomplicate your flyer design, leaving you feeling frustrated with the whole process. Yet, it does not have to be this way. With a graphic design tool like CorelDRAW, you can start producing eye-catching flyers in no time, pairing your imagination with gorgeous layouts, beautiful illustrations, and photo editing applications that can create impactful designs in minutes. Do not wait any longer. Start building the perfect flyer with CorelDRAW today.

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