Homepage Layout: A Guide to Homepage Layout and Design

Your homepage is one of the most important pages on your website. It serves as a digital storefront: the first connection consumers have with your business. When they first walk through your digital "doors," they will connect with you via your homepage. That makes its layout and design critical.

What is Homepage Layout?

The layout of your homepage is the basic design. If you were to strip away all the personalized elements of your business, including your name and contact information and the images you've chosen, the layout would be what was left behind: the basic structure of your page. An effective homepage layout can show your professionalism and let consumers know that they can count on your business. Your layout can even help display your business's unique personality.

How to Design a Homepage

As you're designing your homepage, the right design software can make a big difference. Good design software provides you with layout templates and unique design options, so you can build an effective page.

Follow the steps below to create a homepage that will serve as a powerful representation to your visitors. 

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  1. Keep it simple.

    You don't want your homepage to be an overwhelming explosion of color and text. It needs to include several basic elements:

    • Your logo
    • Your headline (a simple, fast statement that establishes who your business is and what you want consumers to do as they connect with you)
    • Photos (ideally unique photos, not stock images!)

    While there are some other pieces of information that you may or may not want to include on your homepage, these elements are key.

  2. Make navigation intuitive.

    Consider what consumers are most likely to look for when they visit your homepage, then make sure that information is clearly accessible. Consumers do not want to have to dig through your website to reach their goals, whether they want to contact your business or start shopping. Offer clear menus and tabs that will direct them straight to the pages they're most likely to need.

  3. Add social proof.

    You want consumers to know that your business is trustworthy. One of the best ways to do that is establishing social proof: evidence that other consumers have chosen to work with your business in the past and liked the results. Add testimonials and reviews to your homepage. While you want to make this information very visible, it shouldn't be your page's focus.

  4. Use original images.

    On your homepage, you want original designs and images. Show consumers using your product or display unique artwork. Put up something that uniquely reflects your business. While stock images can help convey some concepts, they also prevent your business from standing out from the crowd. Take or create your own images for the homepage.

  5. Include a clear call to action.

    Consumers need to know what to do next as they connect with your business. They're looking for instructions. Do you want them to make a purchase? Sign up for your email list so that you can continue to connect with them in the future? The more information you provide, the better your customers can follow those instructions and further connect with your brand.


Designing your homepage is an important step for your website and for your brand. Using the right design software can make a big difference. If you want to create a stunning homepage that will be more likely to draw in your audience, check out CorelDRAW today.

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