How To use Layers

A number of raster editing applications on the market use layers to keep elements separate. In Corel PHOTO-PAINT, we refer to them as Objects. Let's see how we use or create objects in CorelPHOTO-PAINT.

1. Create a New Image

From the Welcome screen, select New Document, Except the defaults and simply click OK. This will add a new transparent background, provided that you have No Background selected and in the Object manager this will show as Object 1.

Create a New Image

2. Creating Objects

As we have mentioned, In Corel PHOTO-PAINT, they are referred to as Objects, so from this point forward, that is the term we will use. Select the Rectangle tool in the Toolbox and click and drag on the page. You will notice that it has added a new Object in the Object Manager on the right side of the application and called it Object 2. Create an ellipse and in the Object Manager it will be called Object 3. You have the ability to click in the name for the Object and rename it. In the image below I have renamed the Object to to Rectangle. This is an easy way to keep track of elements in the file.

By clicking the last icon on the Interactive property (Circled in the image below), it will allow you create multiple elements on a single object.

Creating Objects

3. Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of how objects work, it should go a long way to creating well organized designs in Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

Next Steps

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