Looking for CorelDRAW X4?

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 is the newest version available

You won’t believe how much has changed in the CorelDRAW family since our release of CorelDRAW X4. Explore the user-friendly new features, expanded compatibility and a fresh user interface to make you feel right at home. It’s our most powerful version to date for design, tracing, illustration, photo editing and website creation. It’s the perfect solution for both novice designers and professionals.

Top reasons to upgrade from CorelDRAW X4

  1. NEW! Variable font support*
  2. NEW! AI-assisted bitmap-to vector tracing
  3. NEW! AI-powered upsampling and artifact removal
  4. NEW! CorelDRAW.app
  5. NEW! Collaboration workflow**
  6. NEW! Non-destructive effects
  7. NEW! Symmetry drawing mode
  8. NEW! Block Shadow tool
  9. NEW! AfterShot 3 HDR
  10. NEW! Apply envelopes to bitmaps

*Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 do not support variable fonts

**Collaboration features are available only through subscription or with an additional purchase plan for perpetual license customers.

CorelDRAW 2020

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