JPG to PNG: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

Some platforms only accept certain image file types. While JPGs are more common and an older file type, PNGs are the darling of web design because they allow transparency. There are many excellent JPG files that now need to be updated to PNGs either for your own artistic purposes or to upload your files to shared platforms. Have a JPG that needs to convert to a PNG? Don't worry, there are several options at your fingertips.

Reasons to convert JPG files to PNG images

While both bitmap raster files, PNGs can do more than JGP and interact better with cutting-edge SVG design. There are many reasons you may need or want to convert a JPG to a PNG.

Platform upload requirements

You may need to upload your image to a platform that only accepts PNG, or a list of file types that do not include older JPG image files.

Removing the background

If you want to remove the background from a JPG file, you'll need to convert it to PNG first.

Sharpen the image

PNGs are larger and more detailed than JPGs and it is easier to control their resolution quality at each image size. If you need a more scalable raster image, convert your JPGs to PNGS.

Make SVG-friendly

SVGs are the next non-raster evolution of image file after PNG. SVG files can include PNG files or trace them more smoothly into vector layers.

How to convert JPG to PNG

How do you convert a JPG to a PNG? This is one of the simplest conversions in digital design and there are many tools that can do it for you. The precision of the tool, and whether you cut out the background, will determine the final quality of your PNG and the right process to convert with.

Simple online converter

If you just want to save the exact same image as a PNG instead of a JPG, you can use a simple online conversion tool. There are dozens available. Simply upload your image, select PNG as your output file type, and then re-download the resulting PNG image. This keeps the quality about the same and your background will likely be solid white.

The image editor export trick

Graphic designers often use the quick export trick. This works in CorelDRAW as well as other image editing programs. Import your JPG file. Then use the explore function to save the file as a PNG. This preserves the quality and resolution of the original image with the power of the image editor you chose.

The quick jump also still leaves you with an image background, but you can easily remove the background with several handy tools before you export.

Removing the background of a JPG and saving as a PNG

In CorelDRAW, there are several tools you can use to remove the background. Start by selecting your object shape using your favorite select tool. Quick Trace and other tracing tools can help you with detailed shape selecting. From here, you can remove the central object from the background or invert your selection (select everything but your central object) and delete everything else. Continue with any other image edits you wanted to take care of.

Then export your now background-free image as a PNG to complete the task.


PNGs are a powerful and modern image file type. They are popular for websites and interact more smoothly with vector graphics.  They are also often required for shared projects and uploading to public platforms. If you have a JPG that needs to be converted into a PNG, with or without background, these tricks will help you quickly collect the PNGs you need.

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