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What is a DOCX File?

DOCX file format is the native document format of Microsoft Word. It’s an advanced XML based version of Word’s earlier native format, DOC. DOCX files are constructed of small archive packages of less than 10kb. For that, this open document format is more convenient for archiving and unzipping with software other than Microsoft Word. DOCX files are more accessible and popular for sharing documents as attachments with email. DOCX format is also capable of containing graphics content and can be used in Image editing applications like CorelDRAW.

How to open DOCX files with CorelDRAW

  1. Launch CorelDRAW
  2. Choose File > Open
  3. Find the DOCX file you wish to open
  4. Select the File(s)
  5. Edit & Save Your File!

Open DOCX files on Windows

  • Compatible with:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

CorelDRAW Opens DOCX Files and many more file formats

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