How To Make a Poster

With the flexibility of CorelDRAW, it can double as a Poster maker. Let’s take a look at creating a poster and see just how easy it can be. Now posters can be a variety of sizes, it just depends on the purpose and where it is being displayed. In this How-to we are going to use one of the professionally designed templates that are included with CorelDRAW.

1. Selecting the template

From the Welcome Screen select New From Template and filter by type. Select Posters/signs. I will be using the template called Real Estate UK - Poster.cdt.

Selecting the template

2. Working with the template

Before we start modifying the content we are going to change the page size to something a bit larger. This template uses an A3 page size. From the <Layout> Page Setup> click the drop-down beside Size and select Tabloid(it is the third one from the top. We will start by deleting the logo at the top and add a rectangle that fills this area. I have replaced the image with my own and imported our company logo and place it in the upper left corner and now it is just a matter of changing the text.

Working with the template

3. Outputting the file

The output of this file is straightforward and can be sent to an inkjet printer that supports Tabloid or 11x17, or for larger quantities, it can be printed at a local copy house.

Outputting the file

CorelDRAW does more than just make posters

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