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Our October 2021 CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite Subscriber-Exclusive Update is here, and packed with perks for designers that demand the latest and greatest:

  • Enjoy new features and content only for subscribers
  • Receive instant access to cloud-based collaboration and asset management workflows that make it faster and easier to work in teams and with clients
  • Get even more creative with subscription-only extras like additional fonts and templates



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From new features to content, subscribers get more

Discover the affordable, flexible way to stay up to date, while enjoying exclusive features, content, enhancements, and support for the latest technologies. With guaranteed access to new software releases the moment they become available, a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription is the clear choice for endless creativity.

Reasons to subscribe

Exclusive features

Exclusive features

Receive subscription-only access to productivity-boosting asset management and collaboration workflows, additional fonts, creative templates, and more, to maximize your creative potential.



Enjoy the latest software without having to pay the hefty upfront cost of ownership. Cost-effective, hassle-free and exploding with value, subscribing is the best option for designers on a budget.

Latest & greatest

Latest & greatest

Create with confidence knowing you’re always working with the most recent software versions and staying current with support for new operating systems and devices.

What’s new in the October 2021 Subscriber-Exclusive Update?

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Dynamic asset management

Ensure you’re always working with the most current assets, thanks to an impressive new asset management workflow. Create a single source of truth for design assets by sharing symbols across projects and with teams, and syncing updates when changes are made by you or others.


Time-saving typography

Cut out the steps to creating head-turning typography with direct access to over a thousand Google Fonts families in Corel Font Manager. Effortlessly browse, search, and preview the Google Fonts library, which includes a number of new variable fonts, without having to install the fonts you want to use.

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Improved collaboration

Work even better together! An enhanced collaboration workflow makes working with colleagues and clients in a remote world more efficient than ever. Enjoy a streamlined sign-in process and performance enhancements for faster saving, opening and sharing of Cloud designs.

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Business terms

Pricing model Choice of an annual or monthly subscription to match your design needs and budget Software is licensed forever for one higher price
Accessibility Access to the latest updates as they become available, for as long as your subscription remains active Must purchase new software versions at full price to stay up to date
Flexibility Option to subscribe for a defined period of time, and the ability to spread payments out over time Lump-sum payment with no ability to spread out over time
Affordability Lower upfront cost and budget-friendly options Higher upfront cost with single purchase option
Usage If your software needs change, you can stop paying and your version of the software will revert to viewer mode with limited functionality until you reactive your subscription Own and use the software version for as long as you choose, with no extra cost
Compatibility / Support Guaranteed ongoing support for latest operating systems, devices, and technologies since software is always current Support for operating systems, devices, and technologies is not guaranteed if your software version is not current
Feature parity Full-featured software with subscription-only design perks, features, and content Fewer features offered than full-featured subscription purchase and no exclusive benefits

Main applications

Corel® Font Manager™

+ advanced Pro features™ for iPad

+ advanced Pro features

AfterShot™ 3 HDR

Core functionality

Layout tools
Drawing tools
Image editing tools
Typography tools

+ Google Fonts integration via Corel Font Manager

Collaboration workflow
Asset management workflow


Modern templates

+ additional FREE templates for subscribers

Professional clipart
High-quality photos
Specialized fonts

+ direct access to over 1,000 Google Fonts families

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