Convert AI to JPG: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

AI image file is a graphic type vector that connects points to create images. Users can resize images using AI without losing the original resolution. The scalability properties make it popular amongst companies since it helps make graphics for logos.

However, one needs the Illustrator software to get the best out of an AI file extension. Since not everyone can access Illustrator, converting AI to JPG when sharing image files with outside sources is necessary. Besides, the JPG format is more flexible when choosing the size and image quality.

This article explains how to convert AI to JPG.

Why you may want to convert your files

You may want to convert AI to JPG for several reasons. First, you may want to send the files to other people who do not have Illustrator software. JPG satisfies most people as they can open this format on their Mac or Windows.

Also, you may want to convert AI into JPG due to space. An average AI file consumes a large space, unlike an average JPG file that is way smaller. A large file may negatively affect the hard drive by consuming a lot of space and time to share with a third party. Besides, small image files will keep customers satisfied in that a site with such image will load faster.

JPG has fewer editing options than AI. Therefore, you must complete the entire editing process completely before deciding to transfer the file from AI to JPG format. Unfortunately, AI is not the best option for editing since its size is a problem to older systems despite allowing users to work with more tools.

How to convert AI to JPG

Convert AI to JPG using Windows

  1. Start by opening the AI file.
  2. Choose the section of the file you want to use.
  3. Select 'file' and hit on 'export' from the dropdown options.
  4. Choose your preferred location in a save window that opens. Save the file with a different name from the original file to avoid confusion.
  5. Select the 'Save as type dropdown list option, and click 'JPG' or 'JPEG.'
  6. Hit the 'save' button.

Convert AI to JPG using Mac

  1. Open your AI file.
  2. Choose the section of the file you want to use.
  3. Select 'File' then 'Export.'
  4. Select your preferred location and filename.
  5. Choose a format JPG or JPEG from the window that pops up.
  6. Finally, click 'export.'

The JPG is a popular image file format due to its global application possibilities and high compatibility. You can open the format with various applications and enjoy the full-color spectrum it offers. Besides, JPG files have adequate quality for web use and give you the benefit of quick loading, thanks to their small file size.

Unfortunately, compressing an image file involves combining similar pixels, which results to loss of image data and quality loss. This lossy compression may lead to posterization problems. The files also have limited recovery options meaning if you underexpose or overexpose an image, you might not recover the data.


Once you convert your AI files into JPG format, you may feel like you are yet to achieve your desired properties. You can further convert your JPG files to CDR format, a proprietary file format for CorelDRAW intended for vector graphics. CDR produced vector-based images mapped to the page such that the original image quality remains.

But if you want to retain your JPG format, Corel Draw tools are still helpful to you. CorelDRAW Graphic Suite allows users to open different file formats, including JPG. Visit CorelDRAW for download.

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