JPG to BMP: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

When you download files off the internet in your browser, they are in JPG format. These files are only viewable if you use a photo editing program or an image viewing program that can open them. If you need to see the photos without the help of these additional programs, it is ideal to be able to convert JPG files to BMP files. A guide is provided below with instructions on how to convert your desired JPG files into their equivalent BMP files when using Windows 10 or Mac OS.


You might want to know the main differences between these file formats. The main differences between JPG and BMP files are:


JPG is just a file format that allows you to save an image in a special way. The main advantage of JPG is that it's well supported by most browsers and programs.


BMP (Bitmap image) is another file format for storing compressed images (for example, using ZIP). The main difference between JPG and BMP is that the BMP uses RGB color order (that means its RGB values are stored in their order rather than signed/unsigned ints). This leads to a very small file size for BMP images (about 1/10th the size of JPG). They also support alpha channels for transparency (there are two types, grayscale and RGB).

One disadvantage of BMP compared to JPG is that they are not supported by all browsers or programs (they are very common on Windows, though). However, there are many converters that allow you to convert between these two formats using software like PHOTO-PAINT from CorelDRAW.

Why you may want to convert your files

There are several reasons why you might want to convert JPG files to BMP format or vice versa. You might need to use a JPG format to print high-quality images or the BMP file format for selling content online and for other professional uses requiring a high-quality digital format.

The majority of professional photographers use JPG for images that are printed because it is the best medium for printing images. However, if you plan to sell your images online, you need to know how to convert them from JPG to BMP. BMP is a binary format that stores each pixel as a color or a grayscale value. This method allows the file size to be reduced and the colors to be saved with a higher resolution. These are examples of why you might want to convert your files, but you may need to use different formats for other reasons.

How to convert JPGs to BMP on Windows 10 and Mac OS X systems

Now you know why you might need to convert your JPG files to a BMP format, but you still want to know how to do it. Most solutions will work the same way for both Windows 10 and Mac OS X. The most common methods for converting an image from JPG to BMP are described below:

  • Online service – Some online services allow you to convert your JPG files so they can be saved as BMP files with a click of a button. These services require an Internet connection and for you to upload your files to their servers.
  • Image editing software – You may have several options when it comes to image conversion, depending on what software you use. CorelDRAW's PHOTO-PAINT, for example, has a built-in option that allows you to convert your JPG files into BMP files.

Both options allow you to quickly convert your JPG files to BMP, so you can use the images where you need them.


Everyone likes to use a BMP file, and you can't find a more widely used format among the internet community. The popularity of this type of image is due to its simplicity, being able to be quickly converted into PDF and PNG files. It's also a very common way to display images on websites, especially websites that support multiple languages. Now you also know how easy it can be to convert your JPG files to BMP.

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