SVG to PNG: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

SVG vector graphics are great. They load quickly, scale excellently, and they save in layers so SVGs are easy to edit. But not all platforms support vector graphics or can upload SVGs. In many markets, SVGs are considered editing files while portfolios are saved in more standard bitmap-based PNG images.

Fortunately, it's easy to convert an SVG into a PNG. SVGs save naturally as PNGs with preserved transparency. An advanced SVG image editor can help you create many PNG assets from one SVG file or combine many vector layers into the PNG images you need to create. Whether you are converting one vector image into a PNG or creating a new asset set, let's explore how to convert your SVG into PNG.

Why we convert SVGs to PNG image files

Converting SVG to PNG is an everyday part of graphic design production, today. PNGs are considered a 'standard unit' for images. Nearly all platforms today accept (or expect) PNG files. When working with others, PNGs are often the most inclusive way to create shared assets. While vector graphics are favored by custom UI designers for their lightweight and scalable nature, PNGs are more standard for template and platform based design.

For graphic designers that prefer working with vector graphics when image editing, PNGs are the natural output though your editor may save directly to SVG project files. Partly this is because saved SVG files can be converted into any size of PNG without the detail-loss of resizing a PNG directly.

How to convert your SVGs to PNGs

Online converter

There is a quick online converter for almost any two types of image file. If you need a simple (or not so simple) SVG file and you need it saved to a PNG, an online converter can achieve the effect you need. SVGs convert smoothly because the lines are static and scalable, no matter what size of PNG you select. PNGs from SVGs are rarely pixilated due to the vector-based source. This makes online conversion more viable for quality output than conversions between other image files.

Export your SVG to PNG

If you want to take control of the conversion, open your SVG in an advanced image editor. CorelDRAW can open SVGs and help you edit them into select PNGs. For a quick conversion, open your SVG file in the image editor. Use your selector to highlight every shape and group or select a frame around the outermost border of your desired image. Then export the file to PNG to your desired resolution.

Advanced PNG exporting from SVG projects

When exporting an SVG to PNG, you have the unique option to alter the SVG or even export only select areas. For example, you can create an SVG file of multiple comic panels, then export one panel at a time by selecting the outer border and exporting by "selection". If your SVG file contains several project assets, you can mix, match, and re-layer before exporting by highlighting all the images you want included in your final PNG.

Then export your edited image or selected section to PNGs. This gives you the option to make custom PNGs beyond the original SVG file you were working with. Graphic designers often use this method to create vector images and export them to fully scaled and pixel-perfect PNG assets.


Working with SVG vector graphics and PNG bitmap assets is all part of the graphic design business. Whether you're in the industry or making art at home, having the right tools for the job is the best way to create high-quality pieces for your design projects. Any SVG can become a high-quality PNG, and at any size.

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