SVG to PDF: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

Portable Document Format, popularly known as a PDF file, is one of the standard file formats in today's digital age. And if you've sent or received documents over the internet, then you've probably interacted with the file at least once. The format is especially efficient for sharing files you want viewed or printed as they are.

At the same time, we have Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG), an Extensible Markup Language-based vector image format for 2D graphics. Since it supports interactive and animated graphics and declarative scripting, SVG is mostly used to keep graphics in vector format. But the problem is, most printers can't read your typical SVG image format. If you want to print it out, your best bet would be first to convert it to PDF.

Luckily, we have tons of tools, such as the CorelDRAW software, that can help with this. In this article, we shall go over how to convert SVG to PDF on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Why you may want to convert your files

Other than easy printing, another reason why most people convert their files from SVG to PDF is to protect their privacy. You see, when uploading images on the internet, some sensitive information, like user location, can be attached to the image's metadata. And this can easily be accessed by hackers. By converting to PDF, such sensitive information is usually omitted from the file.

The other reason for converting images is to protect the original photo from copyright infringement. This is especially warranted since watermarks today don't offer enough copyright protection. Here are a few other reasons why you should convert SVG to PDF.

  • Easy to share: PDF was designed to be shared easily. Consider a scenario where you need to transfer many images online; sending one image at a time can become boring really quickly. This is where PDF comes in. When it's in PDF format, you can add as many pictures as you wish on the file, then share them as a single file.
  • Create a portfolio: Most people have a professional photo album of previous works or samples for all professions involving art and design. You can create a digital portfolio by adding images to a PDF file. You can then use this to build a professional album that can be easily shared on social media or with potential clients.
  • Reduce file size quickly: Since most people have access to high-quality cameras, some SVG files tend to be bulky in terms of size. And in this case, they must be compressed before uploading them on the internet. By converting the image to PDF, you are compressing the photo, making it more accessible and lighter. It also won't take up as much time during uploading.
  • Maintains quality: Every social media platform alters your image during upload to fit its photo requirements. Your beautiful photos end up being compromised or with lower resolutions. However, with PDF, all it will do is compress the size of the file without interfering with your photo's pixels.

How to convert SVG to PDF

As we saw, advancements in conversion technology have made it so that there are a variety of online tools that you can use to convert an image from SVG to PDF without requiring any technical background. However, the security risk involved with allowing such sites access to your files is ever increasing, with cyber-crime expected to increase annually.

The safest and most secure way to convert SVG to PDF, whether a single batch or several, is by installing a trusted third-party application like the CorelDRAW software on your device. CorelDRAW is a long-term player in the image editing industry. The program can work on both Windows and Mac with support for multiple file formats.

With CorelDRAW, converting SVG to PDF falls down to a few steps:

  • Step one: Download and install CorelDRAW Suite from their official website if you don't already have it installed yet.
  • Step two: Navigate to the CorelDRAW shortcut on your desktop or installation folder and click the icon to launch the software.
  • Step three: Click on File - > Open, or you can alternatively use the Ctrl + O keyboard shortcut. Browse for the SVG image file you want to convert to PDF file format.
  • Step four: After opening the image, go to file - > Print or use Ctrl + P and from the Printer dropdown list PDF
  • Step Five: Set up any additional options before clicking on Print and then select the location to save the converted PDF file.


With many years of experience in the image editing software industry, CorelDRAW is among the best software in the market, capable of handling anything related to images. The software features an easy-to-use interphase that is suitable for editors of any skill level. You can easily use the software to convert SVG to PDF without the risk of losing the quality of the image. Visit their website today to download a free trial version of the software, and it's available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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