AI to PDF: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

One of the tools that graphic designers frequently use is CorelDRAW. Recent enhancements to software have enabled it to support the most recent Adobe Illustrator (AI) file formats. This includes Portable Document Format (PDF) files, Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files, up to and including CS6. Files in these formats are now even more accessible, whether you want to open, import or edit.

At other times, you may want to convert from one format to the other. In this article, we will explain how to convert Al files to PDF format.

What are Al and PDF files?

AI files are essentially vector image files made with the use of a famous vector graphics editing software: Adobe Illustrator. The common application for this file type is in logo design and print media. A PDF, on the other hand, is a document file format that can contain text, images, and other types of data. This document type can be opened on any operating system. Furthermore, if a PDF plug-in is installed on a browser, it can be viewed in web browsers as well.

Why you may want to convert files

You may be wondering why it is necessary to convert your files to PDF format. Here are some of the most important reasons:

Preservation of visual elements

A PDF file retains all visual elements from the original file prepared before the conversion. For example, when converting Word to PDF, all text, photos, and graphics can be effortlessly transferred to PDF format. Because text and data are retained in their original form, manual data input errors won't damage your information.

File compression

It is possible to compress files using the PDF format, which is critical for files that contain graphical elements. Compression levels can be achieved ranging from 2:1 to 8:1, allowing the size of the documents to be reduced without compromising their quality. Companies could reduce the amount of data required for archiving by increasing compression, while also achieving secure collaboration through the use of electronic signatures in the process of making PDF changes to documents.


The PDF format is independent of the hardware, software, and operating system used to create or view it. To avoid communication issues, this feature allows file transfers between applications.

Another reason that organizations highly depend on PDF conversion is that it can safeguard documents from being edited, depending on the software used and the security features that have been set up in the document.

AI documents can be converted into PDF format using a variety of programs that are readily available on the internet. In addition to increasing security, converting the files to PDF allows for enhanced sharing and data storage, as well as password protection.

How to convert Al to PDF

It is quick and swift to convert files from AI to PDF format when using CorelDRAW. The process is as follows:

  1. First, upload the Al file. To upload files, select them from your computer's hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or a URL, or drag them onto the page.
  2. Click "to PDF" from the drop-down menu. As a result, you can choose PDF or any other format that you require (more than 200 formats supported).
  3. You can now download your PDF. Allow the file to be converted, and you will be able to download your PDF file immediately after.

In a nutshell, CorelDRAW allows you to build PDF presets by selecting a file and publishing it to PDF format from the menu bar. You will then be presented with a PDF dialog box where you may customize the parameters to meet your needs and save those settings.


With CorelDRAW, you may convert your files to PDF format in an efficient manner. Download CorelDRAW and take advantage of the free fifteen-day trial period to learn more about file conversion as you do it.

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