SVG to JPG: The Ultimate Conversion Guide

SVGs are the lightest and most scalable graphics, invented the most recently for the standard image file types. JPG is among the oldest file types, stored in pixels and without an alpha channel transparency. However, in today's long-running tech environment, there are many platforms and programs that will only accept a PNG file type - and many that don't interface yet with vector graphics at all. Graphic designers who work with SVG projects often find themselves exporting to one of the standard bitmap image file types like JPGs.

If you need to convert your SVG image or project into JPGs, follow these tips to convert your assets.

Why you might convert SVGs to JPGs

Often, graphic artists work with SVGs as their design file type because it maintains layers and is highly editable. However, when it comes time to print your assets, you need a file type that works with your shared platforms or marketing channels. Frequently, the files you need are JPGs. This allows you to save your layered assets into bitmap images, this conversion is essential.

Alternately, you may be starting with an existing SVG asset. If you have an SVG image but need to use it as a JPG, a quick file type conversion is the answer to your problem.

How to convert SVG to JPG

How do you convert an SVG to a JPG? Fortunately, conversion in this direction is easy. SVGs are vector graphics, made of shapes and colors and favored for both simple shapes and highly detailed images. Converting vector graphics to a PNG involves framing the image and saving all the layers as a single raster graphic.

Export as a new file type

The quick conversion trick used by most graphic designers is to export through your favorite graphic design software. If your SVG is a single framed image, load  the file up into your image editor. Then select the Export option and choose JPG as your file type. You may be asked about the resolution or preservation quality you desire, or your program may save directly to the file you need.

Use an online converter tool

There are online converter tools for SVG to PNG. For a simple SVG file, you can upload your SVG into one of many one line converters and select your resolution and output type. Click "Submit" and then download the resulting PNG file. Be sure to check for quality when using a quick tool.

Select and export your JPGs

Last but not least, you have the option to edit and frame what of your SVG you turn into a JPG. For example, if you have a file of several SVGs or image assets, you can use a framing or background rectangle to act as your image frame. With the frame or background selected, you can export only the contained graphics as a JPG. If you are editing an SVG in a program like CorelDRAW, you can customize the SVG before you print it to JPG.


If you need to convert an SVG into a jpg, you're not alone. This is a common conversion used to make lightweight images with precisely the detail you require. Don't forget, you can export an SVG to PNGs as many times as you care to. This means that if you need to scale your JPG image later on, head back to the SVG and export at the new resolution so not a single pixel of detail is lost from scaling the jpeg image.  Use these tips to convert your SVGs to JPGs and explore our other work for further file conversion insights.

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