T-Shirt Logo Design: How to Add Logos to T-Shirts

Adding a logo to your t-shirt is a great way to showcase who your company is and what they do. A great logo can help set your business, your volunteers, or your group apart. However, if you're planning to add a logo to your t-shirt, it's important to follow the right steps.

Do you need to put a logo on a shirt? From short sleeve t-shirts to hoodies and more, adding a logo can spice up a boring shirt or make sure that your shirt looks its best.

Step 1: Design Your Logo

If your company, group, or organization doesn't already have a logo, you'll need to start by designing one. First, make sure you understand why you need a logo: why you want to set your business apart and what you want to portray. Next, choose the colors, fonts, and elements that you want to make up your logo. Remember that most logos are relatively simple. You want them to be visually recognizable, contain elements that mention the purpose of your group or event, and easy to decipher at a distance.

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In some cases, you may want to design your logo on specific software to help you create the right look. Look for software that will allow you to easily preview your designs and determine what they will look like, whether you're putting them on paper or on your t-shirt. Ideally, you want a high-quality design software that will make it easy for designers of any skill level to put together a logo.

Step 2: Use the Right Software

Not only is the right software critical for your logo design since it will allow you to ensure that you get exactly what you want out of your logo, but it's also critical for ensuring that it will look its best on your t-shirt. Your design software should allow you to create high-quality images that reflect your specific needs. Ideally, look for software that includes professional layout and design options. For most logos, you will want a relatively simple, 2D design. Professional design software will allow you to create a clean, professional look for your images.

Step 3: Find a Printing Service

If you're printing t-shirts for a smaller event, you may want to look for a printing service that will do it all for you at a reasonably low price. However, you want a printing service that will:

  • Let you preview the look of your shirts
  • Provide high-quality shirts that will fit your unique needs
  • Offer the colors you want

Ask if you can see a sample of your t-shirt before you put the whole thing together. You should also work with a printing service that will allow you to provide your logo and images.

Step 4: Select Your Design

Carefully consider how you want your logo positioned on your t-shirts. In some cases, you may want a large logo: one that takes up the shirt's entire back, for example. In other cases, you may want a smaller logo positioned at the top of the shirt, where it will show who your employees or the members of your group are without overwhelming the shirt's overall design. Keep in mind how the shirt will hang on an actual person versus how it looks in a flat design on the screen. Your printing service may be able to provide you with advice regarding the best placement for your logo.


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