Get inspired with real-world examples of companies using Corel graphics software to grow their businesses.

  • Transform traditional art into a metal masterpiece with CorelDRAW

    Joe Diaz, a CorelDRAW Master, takes folk art to the next level. A Classic Metal Company, a business that creates laser-cut artwork from metal, approached Joe with a new business venture that required a logo. Powered with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Joe created a stunning logo for output on laser-cut metal. (PDF)

  • Creating Custom T-shirts with CorelDRAW

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of an Oklahoma screen printing company, from T-shirt designs, to color separations, illustration, business cards, and logo design. Dustin Barr, owner/designer of Five Nine Print Shop, explains how using CorelDRAW at work helps his custom t-shirt company thrive. (PDF)

  • Discover how CorelDRAW has revolutionized the way Ariel Garaza designs

    Ariel Garaza has been a CorelDRAW Master for more than six years, however he’s been working in the design field long before the advent of computers, the internet, and before digital design software even existed. As technology evolved and the tech boom hit, Ariel discovered CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and it completely transformed the way he worked--saving him time, energy, and ultimately, money. (PDF)

  • Rage Designs and CorelDRAW bring winning looks to racing

    Standing out from the crowd is as important in racing as it is anywhere else. Rage Designs works with high profile racing teams and athletes to bring their vision to reality by designing custom motorcycle and helmet liveries in CorelDRAW. (PDF)

  • Designer José Luis Vallribera Uses CorelDRAW for Sporting Equipment Designs

    José Luis Vallribera explains how he uses the powerful and versatile tools of CorelDRAW to design and customize sports equipment. In this interview, José explains how he uses specific tools and effects to create successful projects.

  • Taking the guesswork out of textile printing

    The DecoNetwork e-commerce business management system with CorelDRAW online designer has given textile printer Golla GmbH the agility to deliver high quality, on demand silkscreening and embroidery for small runs that require a fast turnaround. The automated production process enables customers to preview their artwork online and avoid costly errors. (PDF)

  • Teaching an old comics business new tricks with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite

    Zazo explains how to do your best design work for less. Zazo is a designer who was tasked with automating the operations of a 50-year old comics company. Learn more about how CorelDRAW Graphics Suite helped modernize the company's processes, increase production and quality, and reduce costs. (PDF)

  • Skills training gives hope to people in crisis

    Supporting the community in its darkest hour is the mission of South African charity, Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre. A life skills training programme run by Careline Print Media helps residents to develop new career opportunities by teaching them how to produce a broad array of marketing material using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. (PDF)

  • Saving time and money without scrimping on quality

    The simplicity and range of tools available in CorelDRAW and Corel VideoStudio Pro enable children's charity Refilwe Community Project to produce all of their own marketing and fundraising materials. Being self-sufficient saves the charity money and cuts down on production time. (PDF)

  • CorelDRAW takes the fret out of fretwork

    Herdwick Landscapes is using CorelDRAW to design period stone dolls' houses that were previously arduously crafted by hand. Despite their honed model-making skills, it was physically impossible to produce some of the finer details, particularly at 1/48th scale. The graphics software has enabled them to produce much more intricate work, making their dolls' houses even more true to life. (PDF)

  • Complete creative freedom with CorelDRAW®

    Ivanberg Moreira teaches CorelDRAW Graphics Suite users how to get the most out of the product, and highlights its many design tools and features through his innovative online training courses. (PDF)

  • Watch how TV characters come to life

    Ronaldo Regel develops vector drawings of complex characters for an animated television series. Learn more about how he uses the diverse tools in CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite to streamline the production process and facilitate the work of animators. (PDF)

  • Enticing travelers worldwide with help from CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite

    Destinations Travel Magazine is a photojournalistic online travel magazine that has been enticing worldwide travelers since 2004. Learn more about how its founder, editor, and publisher-in-chief chose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to produce this monthly photo-rich traveler's resource. (PDF)

  • Inspiring Designs at St. Edmund Campion Catholic School

    The St. Edmund Campion Catholic School places great importance on developing the creativity of its students in art, design and technology. They rely on CorelDRAW® in their creative subjects as it is easy to learn for beginners, sophisticated enough for advanced students, and outputs designs directly to a wide range of printer and cutter systems. (PDF)

  • Just like a good glass of wine

    Since the late 1980s, the graphics office at C.I.T.E.M has used CorelDRAW to create advertising spreads, banners and infographics. The versatility and compatibility of CorelDRAW is indispensable for this printing cooperative, which is part of Gruppo L’Espresso. Find out why the love CorelDRAW. (PDF)

  • Gaining a competitive advantage, with the help of CorelDRAW® is an online retailer, designer, manufacturer, and wholesale distributor of bridge jewelry. The designers at use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to create precise, 2D wax molds for personalized necklaces.

  • Digital Design for Teachers of the Future

    For over twenty years, the University of Barcelona has incorporated digital tools in the curriculum of educational courses. The Faculty of Teacher Education has been working with a wide range of design and visualisation software since 1994. A core element on the curriculum is CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. (PDF)

  • Pretty Smart!

    Who says that students have too little to do with the real working world? 14 art students at the University of Regensburg have been proving just the opposite. On behalf of Smart they are designing striking body paintwork for the little town car. CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite has been there from the start – and is playing no small part in the project's success.

  • Transforming thoughts or visions into reality, with help from CorelDRAW®

    Identity America, Inc. are a signage company with more than 14 years of experience building identities for their clients. The designers at Identity America use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite every day to transform their creative thoughts and visions into identities that make their clients proud.

  • Architecture in our World: Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas

    Pascal Costamagna has purchased CorelDRAW licences for all of his 20 employees. They use it every day as each photo, CAD-CAM file, planning permission application, Photoshop file and any other type of document that flows through the office is imported into CorelDRAW®.

  • Setting sail for innovation

    French company Bénéteau has a rich history in boatmaking dating back to 1884. The world's leading maker of sailing boats, it builds around 10,000 craft per year. Maintaining construction standards across its manufacturing sites worldwide is critical to the organisation's continued success. Find out how Bénéteau uses CorelDRAW® to make sure this happens.

  • zedX - The Formula Student Electric Team at TU Berlin

    Students of the Technical University Berlin presented their zedX Vision, one of 15 electric-powered racing cars, at Germany’s world-famous motor racing mecca, Hockenheim. A project whose success was helped along in no small way by CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

  • Edsbyn Office Furniture develops an easy-to-use sales support system that reduces design costs and improves customer response

    This leading Scandinavian furniture manufacturer uses CorelDRAW graphics software to create furniture, shelving and storage unit design templates for retailers and interior designers, who can then fine-tune the designs based on their clients’ needs.

    “I would use CorelDRAW for almost everything.” – Nils Eriksson, Marketing Communicator, Edsbyn Office Furniture

  • Learning by design

    Tadcaster Grammar School in North Yorkshire students can now fulfil their full potential with one software package - “Our students now only have to learn one piece of software, and it does everything we need it to do.” - Jon Bell is the Head of Design and Technology at TGS

  • All roads lead to Plauen

    German efficiency meets CorelDRAW. Dr. Haller praises the software’s speed, adaptability and extendibility “Using CorelDRAW's application controllers, we've always been able to develop special functions and tailor solutions to customers' exact needs.” Dr. Ing. Konrad Haller

  • Airbrush art goes on the road

    Peter Liger takes spray painting to a whole new level and creates unique pieces of vehicle art – with a little help from CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. As a self-taught graphic designer he needs “software that's intuitive and easy to use. Another advantage is that the work is faster with this product – in a couple of hours, my graphics file is ready,” he says.

  • Innovation meets artistry

    Barcelona-based company Artesà is changing the engraving industry with its latest award-winning solution: a machine that transforms graphic designs created in CorelDRAW® into mass-reproduced engravings, while preserving the original design quality.

  • Pharmacy gains a fresh look with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    "Why should I change to Adobe? “Never change a winning team", as the saying goes!” - Olaf Rose, Elefanten-Apotheke in Germany

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is the design software of choice at the Institute for Forensic Medicine

    Hans-Jürgen Stoffels uses CorelDRAW to create vector illustrations of bodies for forensic use. Medical examiners mark up the drawings to record where trauma and lesions were inflicted. Discover why CorelDRAW is regarded as the most efficient graphic design software for this task.

    “The good thing about Corel is that they always quickly introduce innovations for the benefit of Corel users.” – Hans-Jürgen Stoffels, Graphic Artist.

  • Stand 21 designs Formula One racewear with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    The record-breaking speed at which Stand 21 makes a race suit depends in part on the powerful graphics software used by the designers. CorelDRAW is the undisputed standard at Stand 21.

    "It used to take us six hours to design an average suit, but now we can do it in 20 minutes flat" - Roya Behiar, Sales Manager at Stand 21

  • Vaughn Hockey chooses CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to customize their products

    For over 15 years, the company has relied on the powerful graphics software of CorelDRAW to create the stunning graphics and eye-catching designs that its products are known for.

    "Being a professional designer by trade, I know what other programs are out there and they just don’t compare to CorelDRAW." - John Merucci, Head Graphic Designer at Vaughn Hockey

  • Porsche optimizes technical illustrations with Corel products

    Designing cars is a complex process but CorelDRAW graphics software makes it simpler. From creating graphic designs and marketing presentations, to processing assembly instructions, all departments across the company use CorelDRAW.

    CorelDRAW now delivers the goods for Porsche as a powerful and cost-effective tool.

  • CorelDRAW Drives Professional Graphics on the NASCAR Racing Circuit

    In the highly competitive screen-printing and advertising market, Coomer Media Group depends on CorelDRAW graphics suite software to create illustrations, campaigns and custom automotive artwork for the NASCAR racing circuit.

    "CorelDRAW provided immediate results. The program provides a seamless, one-stop solution." - David Coomer, Owner of Coomer Media Group

  • Helping a Growing Sign Shop Create Digital Magic

    CorelDRAW helps Abracadabra Signs repurpose artwork and quickly implement client changes without having to start from scratch. Using Corel’s graphic design software, Abracadabra now maintains the look of their hand-crafted artwork in a digital workflow.

    "Using Corel's products, we've been able to grow our business by more than 200 percent since implementing the technology a year ago." - Steve Thomas Greer, Owner of Abracadabra Signs

  • Fluid Designs

    From recreating customer graphics to developing custom-made artwork, Richard Reilly relies on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for the day-to-day operation of his screen-printing and embroidery business.

    "CorelDRAW is a true behind-the-scenes asset to my business. It is, and will always be, the reason Fluid Designs is where we are today." - Richard Reilly, Owner of Fluid Designs

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Helps Bring Hollywood Events to Life

    With its graphic design and vector illustration tools, CorelDRAW helps a Los Angeles-based events production company deliver detailed and visually rich proposals to win more business.

    "Since we started using CorelDRAW, we've noticed a marked increase in our proposals being accepted." - David Merrell, President and founder of An Original Occasion

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite supports landscape specialist Jirího Prouzy in planning garden designs

    The landscaping industry has witnessed a shift from hand-drawn designs to computer-generated graphic designs. Nowadays, companies look for graphics and illustration software that is flexible, versatile and easy to deploy.

    “I looked at the possible products in detail and, in the end, opted for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite because it is versatile and offers a comprehensive, functional range at a very attractive price” – Jirího Prouzy, Architect at Prouza-zahrady