CorelCAD 2014.5 Update

This Update includes the following improvements and enhancements.

New and enhanced features

  • Export for 3D printing (STL export) has been added as separate menu item in Export menu
  • Command window method added for -MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT command

Performance and stability

The following areas feature performance and stability improvements

3D Solid Modeling

  • SWEEP command supporting polylines of 3 or more vertices
  • Selecting faces improved in EDITSOLID command
  • Non-supported 3D operations no longer result in invalid shapes when failing
  • Application crash fixed, previously appearing when creating solids from objects with Batting line style


  • Asian text input improved
  • Vertical text editing improved
  • Application crashes fixed, previously appearing in certain paste text or edit text operations
  • Paste formatted text to note editor improved


  • Documentation (Help) has been enhanced with regards to Print and Print configuration topics
  • Mac OS X: Quality of TrueType font display improved in print and PDF export
  • Generic improvements in Print/Print to PDF

File Import/Export

  • Export PDF: PlotStyle table assignment support added
  • PDF export file size reduced
  • ESRI *.SHP file import improved
  • Application crashes fixed, previously happening with PDF Underlay (file specific)


  • "Paste Selected" (Paste Special) command improved to support tables
  • Copy button added to Smart Calculator
  • Insert Block (INSERTBLOCK command) improved
  • Block creation (MAKEBLOCK command) improved
  • Display: Shaded view improved
  • Display improvements for various operations (Pan/Zoom, hatch & gradient fills, refresh after edit operations)
  • Product activation enhanced to support changing network devices


  • VB.NET programming support (part of Microsoft VSTA) improved
  • LISP: ARRAY command support improved
  • LISP: support for user Prompts improved